Hello world!

Default title is kinda silly but I kinda like it and as I can’t think of anything else better atm, am just gonna adopt it.  So… Hello World!  /waves!  o(^_^)o

k.  That’s pretty much fake enthusiasm.  It’s easy to do that online as my true expression is hidden.  Am never a cheery energetic person.  More of the contrary to be exact.  Am more likely to slam a door in the World’s face than greet everyone so merrily.  At times I wish it were different, that I’m actually the nice bubbly person – perhaps that would make me a happier person… not that I’m some sullen cranky old cow, but ah well.

I’ve always found it hard to start a post, more so to start a blog (this is like my 3rd already)… but when the words start flowing, it will be hard to stop.  I wonder if there are guidelines as such, like how long should a blog post be?  I can pretty much go on and on for pages if I want to, cos there are just so many thoughts running thru’ my mind.  Well, someone probably has some ‘guide’ about this and it’d be easy to goggle but it just isn’t important enough for me to actually want to.

Before I started this, I was thinking of what I’d be posting about.  I’ve got a few things in mind that I wanna ramble about: 1. The recent HDB BTOs & purchase of property in Singapore,  2. The ex-CNB’s chief scandal, 3. The death of this model-presenter after some cosmetic injection to her butt & plastic surgery, 4. My boring work life… etc.  Then I realized, since when have I become old & boring, talking about all the “mature stuff”?

Well… this is supposedly what “mature people” talk about right?  Things that they read/hear about via the News, things happening in the country and politics?  Oh yah, they gripe about their job all the time too & bitch about their bosses n colleagues.  That might be good fodder for small talk amongst people you barely know, but in a conversation with myself?  Yeah I can still talk about the above with Me, but that’ll be just part of the conversation, not the entire conversation.  Seriously, am pretty I can do better than that.  I should do better.

Am going on to 31.  While I’ve grown up, I’d like to think that I haven’t grown old.  That I’m still young enough to explore Life a little more.  Probably cos I’m still single & w/o kids (not that I want kids… fk no) unlike some of my peers who seem to no longer have any time for themselves.  There’s still loads more that I wanna do – mainly travel.  I visit countries (Europe being my top destination), experience stuff, take lovely pictures… etc.  It feels to me as if I’ve missed out on all this during my 20s.  That should have been the prime of my life.  However, due to a mistake I made, I squandered all those precious years and am likely to still feel the repercussions of that stupid decision… but I guess, there’s no point crying over split milk.  It’s hard to mop that mess up and move on though /sigh.

See what I mean about me going on and on?

Great.  Now I’ve managed to paint a picture of myself… reading what I’ve typed above conjures an image of a bitter, washed up person who is probably as well (dare I say this?) emo.  Seesh! WTF.  Meh… that’s probably cos am tired.  Like, really tired.  Not of Life, but cos I haven’t been getting sufficient sleep since the Mists of Pandaria expansion was released a week ago.  I wanna do nothing more than just rest my head on the desk and snooze.  2hrs more before the end of the work day.  Zzz.

Thank goodness I’ve got a vacation coming up in 3 weeks.  So looking foward 😀

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