Drawing the line

Like priorities, everyone has thresholds albeit different ones.  Looks like it’s time to redefine some of mine.  Not, am not referring about the amount of stupidity or bullcrap I can handle in a day (that will remain low, thank you).  Am referring the amount of Time I reckon I should be spending on a single activity… more specifically, gaming.

(Note: dw, this wouldn’t be a WoW-post… I’ve got a separate blog for that)

Really, I honestly thought the days of addiction were over… or at least under control.  I thought wrong.  The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, had me sleeping an average of 5-6hrs per night (intermittently), ignoring all other activities (i.e. going to the gym, cross-stitching) and even causing me to dream in cg.  It started to feel that I don’t have time for myself anymore but I merely brushed it aside, telling myself that at least, I’m doing something productive in game (which I am).

The wake-up call was when a guildie suggested that we do an old-content run this weekend for a battle pet.  Yes, I do want that Lil’Tarecgosa.  I’ve wanted it since the last expansion but at this point of time, it isn’t a priority – I’d rather spend the time gearing my toon & doing my dailies for rep gains.  A raid as such will probably take 2-3hrs.  I pointed out that others will have better things to do with their time… and he went on to say that 2hrs is insignificant as there are just so many dailies one can do a day.  What he did not understand was… not everyone has so much playtime that 2hrs of gameplay is insignificant.  I certainly don’t.  I’m already mentally planning each evening to maximize whatever time I have and am already sacrificing some of my nightly sleep.

I honestly wonder how the fk he does it.  He claims to be working & studying, but somehow has time to do all the daily tasks in not one by TWO mmorpgs – WoW & GW2.  dafuq?

Anyway… my point is, yes, I can probably find the extra 2hrs required… but at what cost?  Well I could sleep 2hrs less, I could scrape my plans of going for a buffet lunch on Saturday (one of those groupon things that I need to use up before it expires), I could not go Queensway for replacement sandals shopping, skip buying a clothes hanger from Ikea, and yep I could not watch any CSI/Glee/anime this weekend.  Question is – why the fck would I wanna do that?  Am already thinking of how to squeeze in some cross-stitching on top of everything… there’s a freebie kit that came with the latest issue of World of Cross Stitching purchased that I badly wanna start.

Well, that led me to further thinking… it’s impossible to sustain the routine I’ve had the past (almost) 2 weeks.  I go to bed around 10:30pm, wake at 02:00am then do dailies till 4-ish before I sleep till I have to wake for work at 08:00am.  This broken-up sleep pattern is fked up.  Things will probably ease up by themselves, when I attain the exalted reputations… but then, there’ll be the alts… and the achievements, so there’s always gonna be stuff to do.  It will NEVER end.  It’s pretty much time that I should be re-thinking about what I am willing to sacrifice for, what ultimately is, just a game.  Yep.  Boundaries are what I need, before I end up paying a hefty price.

Pffftttt… I shall start Monday, to incorporate 2x of gym sessions each week and take it easy with the dailies – maybe do them all before I retire for the night (with exception if the next day is maintenance Tuesday) instead of getting my rest all broken up.  That means that I’ll have a harder time as there’ll be more horde around during peak hour, but I guess skipping some rep beats suffering with sleep debt.  /sigh wish I don’t have to work, like some ppl I know.

k.  The easy part of saying is over.  Now to see if I can actually do it :S


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