Having something to look forward to

Am not done with my Sydney trip itinerary and here I am, looking @ Phuket attractions & things-to-do.  My qq about Christmas being depressing in the form of an fb status update yesterday reminded friends of  Ipoh Christmas 2011 – and eventually sparked the planning of a new trip this year.  Destination?  Phuket, Thailand.  Though traveling during the holiday season is expensive (a similar trip during off-peak might cost ½ the price), I reckon that as long as it isn’t too ridiculously priced, I’m willing to shell out some extra $ just to avoid the blues.

The activities have yet been planned, but the tickets have been booked (Tiger airways departing Sat evening, returning Tues afternoon).  Am keeping fingers crossed that the others will be open to sight-seeing cos from my initial google search, there seems to be nice places to check out.  Of cos, since it’s Thailand, there’s gonna be massage, food & shopping involved too!  Ahh… I still remember the tom yam soup I had in Krabi earlier this year… oooooOOoohhh.  lol, yeah I’m an “auntie tourist” by heart… and besides, a leisure trip would definitely cost much less than an adventure one – unless you go berserk while shopping, which I’m unlikely to 😛

Mhmm… ticket is S$323.20… after adding hotel for 3 nights, I guess the cost should come up to around S$400++?  Spending when there, is well, another matter but I’d assume S$200.00 should cover the necessities.  Maybe toss in another S$50.00 or so for clothes shopping.  Yep, looks like I’m definitely gonna continue being on a tight budget even after I return from Aussie.  Would be quite the challenge if I’m no longer working by then, but guess I’ll manage somehow.

Job is quite the worry tbh.  Especially since I’ve got Tokyo planned for July 2014… Mt Fuji yeah!  That’s gonna be one expensive holiday, so am keeping my fingers crossed.  I am taking home slightly more at this new workplace vs my previous one, and meals around here is cheaper.  However, job security is zilch.  I mean, seriously, I come to work and I surf the net for like 90% of the time cos there’s nothing for me to do.  That’s despite the company’s rules of no net surfing (except work related) during office hours.  I can’t help it though.  If I don’t surf the net, how am I gonna get by those 8hrs?  Stare at the floor the whole time?  I did ask for work, but things are being really slow.  There’s the real risk that I would have my probation lengthened or employment terminated at the end.  Who in the right mind will keep someone employed… to pay someone to do nothing significant?  Am contemplating resigning before that happens, but I’ll have to secure another job before doing so.

/sigh I hate thinking about such, will re-evaluate things after I return from Sydney.

There’s this counter-productive thought I’ve always had.  Perhaps, if I don’t have the desire to travel… and I don’t have the intention of getting my own place in the future, I can get away with working part-time.  E.g. work 3-4 days a week as a sales assistant in some store (Qisahn is hiring!) or as a waitress in some café/restaurant.  That will cover my daily expenses & personal bills for sure, and I’ll have a lot more time to play WoW & cross-stitch ~ which aren’t exactly expensive hobbies.  Another alternative is to do contract-based positions.  “Suffer” for like 6mths to a year, then take 2-3mths off to do whatever I want before looking for another job.

Unfortunately, having the goal of owning my own HDB flat at 35 means I’ll need a steady income with CPF contribution.  The mentioned options, while highly tempting, are not feasible.  Unless of cos, I get married to a man who takes home enough to cover all that.  Even then, I don’t think not working & living off my spouse is a good idea as that will make me totally dependent on the other.  I value financial independence… at ffs least work part-time, to not “lose-touch” with the working world.  Cos these days, marriages aren’t exactly till death do us part.  Women who rely on their husbands totally will have a hard time when divorce takes place… and only a fool believes that things don’t change after saying “I do”.  Cheating is so rampant these days… do you honestly wanna put up with your spouse’s infidelity just cos you are dependent on him?

(Note: I’m not saying that being a housewife or househusband isn’t okay – I know people in those positions who lead healthy productive lives, and I totally respect them.  I’m merely stating my preference to have that umbrella ready in the unfortunate circumstance that shit hits the fan.)

As for those folks who are merely content with living off their parents, or worse, still accepting financial assistance from parents at this age & doing nothing to change that… all I can say is: good luck to you, when your parents are no longer around.  Also, if you have kids, please hope that they don’t grow-up to have your mindset as you won’t be able to provide for them the same way your parents provided for you, cos you didn’t work as hard as your parents did.  Family fortunes do have limits.  To clarify, I am not referring to those who are unable to work for genuine medical reasons… am only referring to those who make the choice of being a leech.  For those who are merely mildly incapacitated & using it as a reason to slack off however, I’d like to mention that there are inspirational people like Helen Keller who  accomplished so much in their lives.

lmao ~ this entire post really does seem like a sermon to myself, reminding me why I should’t give in to the “bacteria lifestyle” much as I’d love to  🙂


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