Friday \(^o^)/

Like all others in a regular weekday 9-6 job, I’m having the TGIF mood.  What makes it even better is that it’s 2 weeks to go before I hop on the plane for Sydney!  Finally am gonna be having that vacation I’ve been planning for ages ~ w00t!

Mhmm… I should most likely be finalizing the itinerary (which is of cos not set in stone) by end nxt week.  Think I should be pre-packing my luggage as well to ensure that I’ll have time to purchase check-in should I require it.  A 7kg carry on allowance is a tad stingy.  Considering that I’ll have to bring my own bath towel, and probably extra clothing to stay fresh as we gonna be walking quite a bit… I think I’ll have problems staying within the limit.  It’s a 10 day trip after all.  Bleh, would hate it if I end up only like 2-3kg over, gonna be a waste of check-in purchase.  This is one disadvantage of flying solo.  If I’ve got another 1-2 friends, I won’t hesitate getting check-in to share.

Heh am certainly gotta take tons of photographs this trip.  The Blue Mountains are so beautiful!  I just wish I had more time to explore.  It’ll be 5 days Sydney (inc arrival & departure days… which is effectively like ½ day each), 5 days Blue Mountains.  Quite the challenge to fit everything into the itinerary.  Have done the best I could but am pretty sure we won’t be doing everything listed each day due to delay, side-tracking and what nots – will probably have like 75% completion lol.

I wonder how my ex-guildmates are gonna be like irl.  Have known the Sydney pair since forever… haha, I still remember it was back in TBC while on my rogue.  I can’t remember which was the exact instance we met – either Zul’Farrak or Sunken Temple, but we had our 1st ever raid together.  Karazhan.  Both were healers in Triple Moons.  The other 2 (one flying down from Adelaide, another from Malaysia), I met later, when we had a combined guild raid for 25-man content.  Triple Moons split up during WoTLK into PBJ & Defiance, but we still did achievement raids together for titles & drakes.  Much fun.  I hope it wouldn’t end up totally awkward in person!  And yep, aside from those whom I’ll be traveling with, am looking to meet up with another 3-4 Sydney based WoW players that I know too… for dinner/lunch or whatever.  Srsly, before planning this trip, I didn’t even know so many of the peeps I know online are frm Sydney.  I only knew them as being Australian 😛

Eh come to think of it, how should I be addressing them? ign or real name? O_o


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