Vacation Musings

Leave application for X’Mas Eve has yet been approved.  That’s a little worrying as I’ve already paid $400.00 for flight, accommodation & airport transfer for the Phuket trip.  Can’t help thinking what I should do in the worst case scenario that leave gets rejected due to me not getting my confirmation in November.  Company policy is that employees on probation are not applicable for annual leave.  At the rate work is trickling in, am spending hours surfing the net doing my personal stuff, the possibility of my probation being extended is very real.  Ah well… guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

In the meantime, am intensively prepping for Vacation: Sydney 2012 since last Friday. Admittedly, am using office hours since I’ve nothing better to do.  The itinerary has been fleshed out.  Pending a final review sometime soon, it’ll be ready for printout & integration into my travel notebook-cum-journal.  Am also narrowing down the bushwalk options… though there’s a high chance that after all this prep, I’ll pick up some guide/brochure from a tourist information center and decide to f**k it all.  lol ~

The trip budget (in AUD) is also worked out as follows:-

1. Food: $250.00
2. Transport: $150.00
3. Sightseeing: $150.00
4. Accommodation: $250.00
5. Shopping Allowance: $50.00

Sums up to a total of AU$850.00, which is S$1,075.25 based on an average exchange rate of 1.265.  Factor in air ticket of S$456.29 & visa application of AU$20.00 (S$26.84), this 10-day vacation comes up to S$1,558.38 excluding the purchase of trip items.  That’s pricier than that I initially expected, but I guess it still isn’t too bad cos hopefully with some cutting back when I’m there, that amount can be reduced.

The main budget killer is food.  According to friends living there, a regular meal costs AU$10 ~ 15. There’s a cheaper alternative of purchasing bread, ham & cheese from the supermarket for DIY sandwiches – will be doing that for as much as it’s gonna be practical to.  Plus considering that we’ll be living in cottages in the Blue Mountains with a kitchen, maybe some simple cooking (i.e. pasta, frozen meals) can be done.  Mhmm… wonder how easily accessible supermarkets are over there.

The 2nd killer?  Public transport.  A ride on the CityRail to a destination like 2 stations away is AU$3.40 one way.  Once again according to friends, petrol is cheaper.  However… parking is a bitch.  I’ve checked out some parking rates.  Yeah, like AU$5.00 per ½ hour.  Dafuq.  And drivers in Singapore complain endlessly about the rates in Orchard (seriously suck it up – if you can afford a damn car here in the 1st place, u can afford the parking rates).  Bus rides are not budget friendly either.  3-5 sections is AU$3.50 while 6+ sections is AU$4.50.  Will definitely be walking as much as I can.  Might end up losing some inches in the process!

There’s a lot of finger crossing that I’m gonna be doing when I’m there.  Things are easy if I’m traveling solo or with just 1-2 other easy-going persons.  However, this is a group of 4-5 whom I don’t know irl.  Not sure how accommodating they will be.  It’s gonna be more expensive for sure, if the others aren’t willing to ‘rough it out’ & stick to budget food.  Can’t really wrong them if they don’t wanna too – they are locals earning AUD and used to the paying that kinda prices afterall.  Shouldn’t really be expecting them to downgrade to eating self-prepared sandwiches just for my sake ~ haha.

Come to think of it, Tokyo next year should be costing more.  Am setting aside a budget of S$2,500.00 for that one – inclusive of air ticket & accommodation of cos!  k… tell me again, how in the world am I gonna have sufficient for the down payment of my flat in 4 years time at the rate I’m traveling?  This isn’t even taking into account the other ‘smaller trips’ that I’d be doing if the opportunity arises… think diving & hiking.  Also, I’ll be attending a Mt. Rinjani 2013 trip introduction in November (>_<)”

Need. Higher. Income.


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