Selective Breeding

Man, 77, with 5 Down’s Syndrome children can’t afford to retire

That was the headline of one of the featured stories (originally from TNP) on AsiaOne.  My 1st thought when I read it was… “why the fk does he have 5 kids with Down Syndrome to begin with?”.  I’m not an unsympathetic person, but when I read about families in situations as such, I can’t help thinking that they are in that situation cos they allowed themselves to be.  In other words, unkind as it may be, they asked for it.  There, I’ve said it.

I know many will probably not agree with my point of view, and many who think the same but refuse to admit it for fear of being looked upon differently – everyone has to pretend to be “nice” in society.  Call me an asshole if you must.  I rather be known as that, than be a fking hypocrite (yes, that is what the majority are).  While I do understand that the guy in question must have had a hard life, and that steps have to be taken to ensure that his children will be taken care of after he passes away, I can’t help feeling that his is a problem that shouldn’t exist in the 1st place!

Look.  One child with Downs, fine.  A 2nd one, fair enough cos you can’t really blame the couple for trying.  A 3rd one would raise eyebrows about the parents’ ability for logical thought.  A 4th and then a 5th… seriously, dafuq?  How much does it take for a couple to understand that there must be something wrong somewhere, probably themselves, if they have 3 kids and all 3 of them end up with genetic conditions?  Shouldn’t checks be done BEFORE they continue trying?  Yes, they probably are uneducated but this isn’t something that needs a diploma to realize.  Anyone able to rationalize things should be able to come to this conclusion!  Ok, the “kids” mentioned in the article are in their 40s & 50s.  I agree that back then, screening for Downs isn’t that widely available and is probably expensive.  This leads to the next logical option – birth control.  Just stop breeding.  Fine, even if they really don’t know anything about control… ever heard about abstaining?  Don’t fk = no kids.  Simple.  Don’t even give me the “easier said than done” speech here, it isn’t applicable.  At all.

This shouldn’t happen anymore these days I reckon, as First Trimester Screening is available.  /sigh if it were up to me, such tests should be made mandatory… so should be further tests should any anomaly turn up as result of the 1st.  Finally, babies who are screened as having genetic issues should be aborted.  Yes, there, I’ve said it again.

Abortion is an ethical issue with strong views from both sides of the fence.  I agree that while it might seem excessive or extremist to abort non-healthy babies, I strongly feel that it should be the next step in our evolution.  It is necessary to make our species stronger.  Why not let nature take its own course?  Well, the way I see it, we have the technology.  Weeding out the weak is natural.  Animals do that all the time – i.e. hamster mamas cannibalizing their weak babies to ensure that they have enough to feed the strong ones.  Don’t even give me the bullshit that we are above animals.  Then again, yeah, perhaps you are right.  If we are like animals, this “ethical issue” wouldn’t exist in the first place.  Seems that they are smarter than us huh? =.=

Which brings me to my next stand – selective breeding should be enforced.  Like how pedigree dog breeders strive to breed a good batch of puppies by selecting their parents carefully.  Haha ~ am not suggesting that mates should be selected for everyone.  What I reckon should be done is the classification of humans based on intelligence, physical capabilities, personality, temperament… etc.  Admit it!  Some people are just dumber than others.  Some people (e.g. pedophiles) are just fked up.  Those are the kind of people that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.   The gene pool should be regulated and steps have to be taken to ensure that the human species doesn’t decline.

Yeah yeah that might mean someone as critical, as cynical, as evil as me will probably be listed under “unsuitable” but hey, if it’s for the sake of evolution, definitely!  However, I daresay, the world needs more people like me.  The above mentioned isn’t the only thing I’d enforce should I ever take over the world… haha so I guess everyone should count themselves lucky that I’m just a normal person with a dead end job like almost everyone else 🙂


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