Post Vacation Mumblings

A month (plus a few days).  That’s how long it has been since I last typed an entry into this blog.  As expected, it’s impossible for me to keep this up on a regular basis.  Aside from those getting paid, I really can’t fathom how anyone can possibly have that much to say everyday… or rather, have that much to say & that much time to post updates pretty frequently, but those take seconds – I usually post those when I’m the toilet (multi-tasking ftw).  A blog entry probably takes me like 1/2hr inc of the “clean-up” before posting and I actually do have to be in the mood b4 the words flow.

I miss Sydney.  I really do.  10 days just went by in a flash.  It really felt like just a weekend 😦

I miss the weather now that I’m back facing the Singapore heat (and rain).  Yeah of cos I know that it isn’t like that all year round & that things can get extreme in the Summer of Winter.  But I enjoyed what I experienced, though I gotta admit that at some times in the Blue Mountains, I was so cold that I wish I had packed something warmer.  The food was… well, meh.  Eating out was expensive & the variety was pitiful compared to what one can get in Singapore or Malaysia.  The natural beauty of the Blue Mountains is fantastic.  The slow pace of Life in Aussie was a refreshing change and I couldn’t believe how the CBD area of Sydney actually reminds me of home.  The mixture of old buildings with the high rise office blocks & the no. of Asians around creates an atmosphere that actually feels comfortable.  And yes, all that without the rush & cluster fking that’s rampant in Singapore.

I gotta admit, Sydney itself though isn’t exactly amazing – it’s just a typical city.  I grow up in a City so I gotta say that all this is kinda no big deal?

What made the vacation really awesome though, was the fact I got to meet my WoW friends & hang out with them.  Nothing can beat seeing your friends face-to-face.  I’ve known them for years, but till then (with an exception of 2), the closest I ever got to them was seeing their pictures on facebook.  My mates on Barthilas, especially.  We were n00bs together during TBC.  We started raiding together.  We spent hours wiping together, learning the strategies for various bosses, and eventually killing those bosses.  Then there were the guys from Dreadmaul.  Those frustrating yet rewarding hours we spent clearing heroic content, experiencing the weird things that happen during raid… etc.  I honestly do wish that someday, technical advancement will result in travel time & cost being halved, so that I could just fly over for a weekend or something.  It was kinda sad saying goodbye tbh.  There’s always the chance that we won’t see each other ever again?

I guess, I’ve always been a believer of Fate.  This recent trip renewed that faith.  I mean… what are the freaking odds that I would bump into someone I know on the 1st day?  Like seriously, omg?  She isn’t exactly a friend.  Was an ex-colleague of mine when I used to work at Secret Recipe during my early 20s.  We did hang out, go clubbing together, go shopping together… but once I left that place, contact fizzled off till it was just reading her FB updates.  She’s now working & living in Sydney.  I did leave her a note on fb mths ago, to see if she might want to meet up for dinner or something, no response.  I didn’t push it cos frankly I didn’t care that much.  However, as Fate dictated it, we crossed paths near The Rocks.

Ah well ~ now the vacation that I’ve been planning for mths is over, what next?

Guess it’s looking forward to the next vacation that I’ll be planning for mths – Tokyo, Japan.  Will be climbing Mt Fuji if everything goes well!  Mhmm yeah… and I should be posting Aussie pix sometime, maybe.

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