No, am not gonna be promoting an iphone app.  My phone is full of “games” but meh, don’t really wanna talk about that right now when all I got on my mind atm is cross-stitching.  I was taught cross stitch in lower primary school as part of Art lessons, then embroidery in upper primary.  While I never really got hooked on to embroidery much as I enjoyed them at that point of time (too feminine perhaps?), I’ve never forgotten about cross stitch.  However it wasn’t till like almost 2 decades after I was first taught (stfu about my age!) that I actually made it a hobby.  How I got started again, I don’t exactly remember.  What I do remember was being pleasantly surprised that I could still remember how to do it after all those years.  Yes, it isn’t exactly rocket science but I’m not one of those folks blessed (or cursed, depends on how u look at it) with an elephant’s memory!

kk, back to the topic.

Cross-stitch has been a wonderfully addictive hobby for me the past 5 years or so, though extremely time consuming.  Gotta admit that I’m quite the slow stitcher, probably partly cos I tend to watch drama while doing it & I railroad my stitches… or maybe cos I’m just a person who does things really slow =.=  Plus stitching is not my “main hobby” (gaming is) so I don’t have as much time as I’d like to have to indulge.  Till date, I’ve finished a few cards, small pieces, and 3 mid-sized projects.

One disheartening thing about giving my finished pieces away is that people don’t appreciate the time & effort put into them.  They might see something small and assume that it’s an easy & quick one.  Or they see something handmade & immediately assume that it’s cheap.  Only fellow stitchers would know the hours spent into a “small item” and how much the floss & fabric cost.  DMC stranded cotton, which I used, is like S$0.98 where I live.  tbh I wonder how many ppl even kept the stitched cards or items I gave them.  My last straw was when my own mother misplaced not one by TWO items that I made – one was a kitten in a floral basket which I gave her for Mother’s Day (part of a pair – the other one still exists, for now) & one was an eagle given to my brother for his birthday.  Both took me weeks of work, got ‘stolen’ by the ghosts in my family home and were never returned.  Yeah, one might argue that the pleasure in giving hand-made gifts is derived from the process of making them.  While I don’t deny that I enjoyed every stitch, I hate it that all those hours of work goes to a place where the sun doesn’t shine, to eventually get discolored by age and eaten up by insects.

Right now, I’m a selfish bastard 😛  I only stitch for myself, for cross-stitch exchanges organized by facebook groups and for charity to be made into quilts… and I have no intention of changing that.  No more stitched gifts for anyone unless I know for sure they’ll appreciate it.  It’s much easier going to a store to pick out a present, and hurts much less if the recipients toss it into some godforsaken corner.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about stitching for the entire day cos a few days ago, I was emailed the floss list for the HAED BB SAL 2013 design that I’ll be attempting!  It’ll be my first ever HAED (Heaven & Earth Designs), and I’m like totally looking forward to starting her.  Here she is… QS Heather.


QS just means “quick stitch” btw, though something this complex is not gonna be a quickie for me.  There are like soooo many colors required (I didn’t count but looks like 70 at least) & am now in the midst of trying to get a floss fairy via the bulletin board (BB) to assist me in purchasing and shipping everything from the USA.  Floss is like US$0.33 there, about S$0.45.  Yep, even inclusive of shipping it’s gonna be cheaper cos I estimate if I were to get everything locally, it will definitely cost me > S$100.00… and that’s minus the cost of the fabby!   I’ve yet to decide whether I’m gonna work it on 16ct or 18ct.  The recommend is 25ct but seriously, with my eyes already weakened by conjunctivitis that I never truly recovered from & overstrained from that much gaming, trying to stitch on 25ct will probably leave me blind.  I’ve always been working with 14ct, and recently trying a free kit from the World of Cross Stitching magazine (WOXS) on 16ct… am already finding it quite demanding on my eyes.  For those who are working on 28ct and smaller, I have no idea how they do it.  And no, I do not wish to find out 🙂

I first learnt about HAED via ads in magazines, though admittedly, I felt that those were totally out of my league and didn’t care much about it.  It was only when I started to lurk on stitch forums & fb groups, and saw the WIPs of other stitchers that I got really curious and checked out the website.  Needless to say, I was captivated and right now, I’ve got a wishlist of about 200.  Haha, yeah definitely more than I can ever go through in a lifetime, but hey, doesn’t mean I won’t end up getting them!  I’m quite the herder when it comes to patterns n kits.  I’ve got piles of magazines with tons of designs I wanna do, and even bought 2 kits off ebay that I never started.  Heck, my UFO of the Goddess of Mercy in sepia was started >5 years ago and I’m kinda ashamed to say that it isn’t even 1/8done.  Yeah, that’s why I’ve held back from HAED.  I wanted to finish up my UFO before starting another Big-ass Project (BAP).  Well… my resistance is eroding.  Pretty sure I’ll be making my first HAED purchase before the end of 2012, if no one gifts me anything on my wishlist for my birthday.

Middle Earth

Ahh… the gorgeous Map of Middle Earth.  One of my “must haves”.  Though honestly, am wary about this one.  Being 752W x 562H plus a 3” border for framing ease, that works out a fabric size of 48.0” x 37.5”.  Yes, that’s 1.2m long… 30cm shorter than MY length.  Can you imagine how heavy that freaking thing is gonna be, and how in the world am I gonna do that without a frame + floor stand?  Where in the world am I gonna find space for a frame & stand even if I’m willing to cough out hundreds for those?  Plus… am I ever gonna finish?  LOL

The 7 Deadly Sins: Avarice, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Vanity & Wrath.  Just look at those… ~ ❤  They are 7 separate pieces btw.

7 SIns

Speaking of enormous fabby, there is this insane lady (and I mean that as a compliment!) who is working a HAED BAP on 18ct doing 6 over 2!  The fabric is huge enough to cover her double bed omg!  She started it a couple of years back and has completed page 8 now – the design is coming out wonderful.  Gee, I wonder if I’ll have that kinda determination.  Take a look at her blog to see for yourself!

It’s ladies like her, and those others on the forums, bulletin boards & fb groups that keep me inspired to push myself further.  Some are not only quick stitchers, their stitches are like uber neat with lovely tension – kinda unlike mine.  Haha, and yes of cos, they have dedicated more time to the hobby than I have and ever will.  Doesn’t stop me from wishing though, that perhaps someday, I’ll gain enough XP to ding to that level 🙂


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