The lazy getting lazier…

Spend the past 2hrs peering at a Tokyo Subway Route map and am now closed to going cross-eyed.  Tokyo’s system is freaking insane.  There are more than 10 different Lines and that’s not counting the private ones.  Just how big is Tokyo I wonder, and how far are the stations away from each other?  Seesh… and I thought Singapore’s MRT system is getting a little overboard, with the NE Line… then Circle Line and later Downtown Line.    Some of the ones in Singapore are borderline ridiculous if you ask me.

Take Esplanade Station & Promenade Station as an example – one at each end of Suntec City Shopping Mall.  Bitch please… I know Suntec City is pretty big in Singapore standards, but that huge to require 2 stations?  You can walk from one end to the other in like what 15min?  ok… 20 if you are a slowpoke in peak hour human traffic.  Yes, the stations are to serve other places aside from Suntec, I get that too… but wtf man.  Quit pampering the big babies!  Before the circle line was constructed, those places were within walking distance from City Hall Station already.  Gasp, it is NOT that far!  Heck, you could even walk to Suntec from Bugis Station as well.

sif we aren’t already physically lazy people.  Most folks I know give me an incredulous look when I tell them I walk home from Raffles Place at times.  The common reaction is wahhhh so far.  No, it isn’t far you lazy fatties.  It’s just 25min at my snail pace inclusive of waiting times at the traffic lights & navigating thru’ the annoying crowd near City Hall MRT.  Granted that the Downtown Line would be a huge relief to people living in Bt Panjang (I used to live there for like 2 years, horrible place in terms of accessibility), but is it necessary to build stations so close to each other?  Why can’t they just add-on to the existing ones?

Yeah I admit that I am no engineer.  I don’t know whether the decisions made are due to technical concerns… you know, underground infrastructure and stability… all that stuff.  From my point of view, people are just simply getting lazier and as a result, fatter.


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