Wavve Grill & Chill

I love getting online coupons.  Not so much for products or services, more for the food offers.  They are like the perfect excuse to check out a “new” place.  So far, my experience has been pretty good.  More hits than misses.

The latest hit – Wavve Grill & Chill, located at Orange Tee Building near the HDB Hub.  Offered on DEAL.com.sg was a coupon for a Spanish Buffet.  Can’t remember how much of a discount was given, but I’ve always wanted to try Spanish cuisine, so I went for it.  If it wasn’t for the coupon, I would probably have never heard of this place ever, since I don’t exactly go to Toa Payoh and neither do I have many foodie friends who dine within the same budget (the non-discounted price was definitely below S$30).

Gotta admit though, that my first impression of the place was kinda negative.  It was formed when I first caught sight of it from across the small street.  My thought?  Uhh… is this a bar?  I haven’t dine in bars much, as I’m of the mindset that bar food = finger food.  So tbh, I was expecting a buffet of well… small bites.  I was also wondering whether I’ll even be comfortable dining in there, as I don’t like being in bars or pubs very much (well, not since I left my clubber years behind).  Anyway, coupon already bought, so regardless of initial skepticism, I entered the premises.  I was totally expecting to just eat till I’m satiated, and then gtfo.

As I walked in through the door, my initial disapproval changed.  The place was nicely decorated, a tad dark but that’s to be expected since it IS a bar, and the tables looked comfortable – real dining tables, mind you.  Guess it was more of a bar-restaurant thing instead of the typical bar, if you get what I mean.  My reservation was for 7pm, but they were fine with me arriving early.  It wasn’t crowded at that time, considering it was a weekday and I arrived at like 6:30pm.  It started to fill during the 2hrs I was there, but it didn’t become unpleasantly overcrowded.

Yeah… I stayed for 2hrs.  Eating 😛

The food was spread in a usual catering-type of style – looks more like a catered party than anything else tbh LOL, and at the first glance it wasn’t much… but after making my first round, I realized that there was a lot of stuff that I’d like to eat.

photo2 photo

There were mussels in cream saffron sauce (my favorite of the buffet), clams in tomato salsa (yum!), cold prawn with salsa, crispy squid (lovely!), paella (this one I didn’t try cos I didn’t wanna stuff myself with all that carbs), some salad greens, roasted potato chunks (nice!), bacon, nachos with minced beef & kidney bean sauce (heavenly!)… etc.  Oh, and the soup of the day was creamy mushroom which I liked so much that I had 3 bowls of LOL.  That’s just in 1 corner.  There was the grill section too… where there were pieces of meat (beef, pork, chicken), sausages & mushrooms on a skewer.  Gotta let the staff at that station how much you want.  The mushrooms were fantastic 😀


The “main event” was later in the evening, they had this ‘ritual’ that involves cutting up a suckling pig using a plate, then smashing the plate into an earthen vat.  Every table then got a small serving of the pig which was pleasantly done – though I gotta say I prefer my suckling pigs Chinese style!

Oh, and food aside, there was a live performer who did covers of popular songs on an acoustic guitar.  Guitar playing was nothing special (I can probably play the same too with some practice), but pretty nice vocals I gotta say.

Would I ever go there again?  Perhaps – I wouldn’t go all the way there just to eat a regular buffet (heck ~ I don’t even like to go out that much to begin with), but if I’m already in the area with my family & we are looking for somewhere to have dinner, yes … very likely I’ll mention this place.  Food is good, ambience is nice.  Glad I got that coupon.

(Edited 14 Dec 2012 to insert photos of noms)

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