LFM Travel Companion

Jeststar ad

Jetstar’s having a 1-for-1 promo on their flights for next year.  A cause to celebrate?  Yeah perhaps.  For those who are blessed with peeps they can travel with… who are able to make up their minds in a time short enough to take advantage of the deal.  For folks like me who struggle with that, promos like this can be annoying cos they are a stark reminder of how “alone” we actually are 😦

I’m envious really.  Hope some ppl seem to be travelling frequently.  Leave is an issue for me.  So are funds.  But that aside, the lack of company is what holds me back most of the time.  I could easily plan for weekend trips to avoid splurging too much of my annual leave.  I could cut down on other forms of spending & strike during offers as such to solve the funds problem… but what I can never manage to find is a companion.  Have posted abt the Jetstar promo on FB.  Am eyeing Ho Chi Minh, Vietman or Bangkok, Thailand.  All I get are irrelevant responses that ignore my original question.


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