Need. Build. Stash.

My floss fairy responded!  Felt bad that I had to send her a follow-up email when she didn’t reply to my subsequent email after the initial response a week ago.  I hope she didn’t feel as if I was pushing her.  Well… tbh I’m pretty impatient cos I’d like to get started as soon as I get the first page, before all the enthusiasm fizzles out… and international shipping does take a while 🙂

lol I know I’m the type of person who does things in phases.  Eg. I’ll have like a Sims 3 phase when I spend most of my leisure on the Legacy & WYDC I’m currently playing; or I’ll have a WoW farm phase when I’ll just do nothing but logon & farm for stuff… etc.  Right now am towards the end of my Sims 3 phase, so am hoping to trigger my stitch phase in time for the SAL start… just a few more weeks now! o(^_^)o

Have pretty much decided that I’ll work QS Heather on 18ct.  Not too sure about the color yet, though am certain that I wouldn’t do it in white.  White fabric tends to reflect light much and I hate it when it shows on darker stitches.  Though 2×1 on 18ct shouldn’t show much (considering how I’ve always been using 2×1 on 14ct & the result isn’t too horrible except the blacks), better safe than sorry.  HAEDs are so full of detail and take so much effort, I wouldn’t want anything to ruin the finished piece.  Yep, that’s the perfectionist in me speaking.  Keeping fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be too difficult to do 2×1 on 18ct.  Am finding it a little tight on 16ct already tbh.  But there are those who do 2×1 full crosses on 25ct… gosh, I have no idea how they do that!  Ahh ~ that will probably mean that I’ll have to pick up some new needles too.  My stitching needles are all for 14ct (lol a pain doing fractionals with those) & I only got one for 16ct tt came with a free magazine kit.

Guess I’ll be popping by Spotlight sometime soon to get the fabby required & do some pre-gridding.  Sure I could get floss from Spotlight too, but as I mentioned, the cost is too high.  Call me a cheapskate if you wish, but being thrifty is the reason why I could afford vacations on my meager salary.  Every cent counts!

Anyway thanks to fb, I’ve come to know about Cross Stitch Heaven, an online store that offers HAED Thread Packs!  There’s QS Heather up there for £15.00, which works out to about S$30.00.  The prices don’t look too bad tbh, and they come pre-sorted in organizer cards.  I’ll definitely keep that in mind as an option for my next HAED.  Only drawback is the long wait time.  Right now, a note on the website states that thread packs take a min of 4 weeks for dispatch… but I guess for the next HAED, I wouldn’t be facing any sort of deadline so all’s good!

Ahhh… let’s see.  The design is 139W x 152H, which works out to be 21,128 stitches.  First page will be sent on 4 Jan & deadline is 2 Dec for posting of pictures.  Considering time difference, I’ll probs receive mine on 5 Jan, a Saturday.  In the case I can’t get my dad’s printer working, and I’ll end up being able to print only when I go to work on Monday, let’s just make my official start date (the evening of) 7 Jan.  That gives me 330 days… which works out to approximately 64-65 stitches per day, should I wish to complete it in time.  On paper it doesn’t seem like a daunting number, but we all know how long 65 crosses actually take!  And not forgetting that I won’t only be working on the SAL HAED for the entire year!  I still have tons on my to-do list from magazine charts, 2 unopened kits that I bought off e-bay years ago + my current WIPs.

Well yeah, I could do it tent stitch, like some ladies do.  That will probably like half the time, but idk… idea of tenting doesn’t really appeal to me atm.  Cross stitch should be cross stitch, right? 🙂

Should I not be able to complete the entire design (which I think is very likely), am keeping fingers crossed that I can at least finish up 2.5 pages?  Cos that’s what it takes to receive ALL the other freebie SAL charts at the end of the SAL period.  Though tbh, the only other chart am interested in is QS Literate Dragon.  In fact, it was a toss between that & QS Heather to work on for the SAL.  I eventually went for QS Heather cos she looks simpler (gosh I have a feeling I was wrong – cos I found out that she involves using Kreinik), and I’ve always been captivated by how some ladies work the outlines of their Hannah Lynn’s then “color them in” later.

Now that I think about it, the design that would most suit my character would actually be QS Theatre of the Absurd.  I didn’t consider it though, cos I personally felt that the crop off the larger charter seems kinda in complete… like it’s obvious it’s a part of a larger picture.  Same goes for QS Mystic Garden.  QS Heather & Literate Dragon on the other hand, doesn’t feel that way (with Heather feeling more “whole”).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insulting Michelle Sayetta, am just saying that my eye probably sees things different from how others do… hence I’ve got differing perceptions about how a picture looks.  That difference flows over to photography & game screenshots as well.  I just prefer stuff looking a certain way, that’s all.  As for QS Nostlagy & SK Trick or Treat, eh those 2 don’t call out to me at all.  Don’t like the colors.

However, charts are charts and I love to build my stash… and furthermore, art is subjective.  Just cos they don’t appeal to me now don’t mean they won’t appeal to me in the future.  Tastes do evolve over time =)


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