Blue? Apricot? Ivory?

Popped by Spotlight Tuesday night before watching Silent Hill: Revelation (2D) to look @ the fabrics offered.  Plenty of 14ct Aida but 18ct had like a handful of options.  The pre-cut size wasn’t enough, so guess I’ll have to do a custom cut.  S$33++/metre.  Doesn’t sound too bad.  I didn’t ask whether I can purchase fabby the exact size I need, but doesn’t matter too much.  Pretty sure I can find uses for the spare cloth looking at the tons of charts on my magazine to-do list.

Mhmm… now the question is what color.  Granted that she is gonna be fully stitched up, so the fabric is gonna be only visible at the sides… then again, depending on how I get it framed eventually, the fabric might not even show!  White would be the “safest” choice, but as mentioned, I don’t wanna work with white.  I like (Zweigart) Apricot but that option isn’t available at Spotlight though I could order it from Cross Stitch Heaven – a fat quarter is like £6.30.  There’s a light blue my friend pointed out that looks pretty nice, and this cream color I saw that might be more “neutral” (for future pieces).  I wonder if Heather would look good on those.  Maybe I’ll just download a pic of her into my phone & carry it around to compare the nxt time I go fabric hunting.

Anyway floss fairy has sent out my package.  Total damage including shipping is US$41.52, converts to about S$50+… that’s half of what I’d spend if I grab my floss from Spotlight.  Not bad!

HAED is having a coupon sale for Christmas.  35% off.   Think I’ll finally take the plunge and purchase my 1st chart.  I’m looking at Nielsen’s Mini Shh Now.  Well… honestly it isn’t at the top of my to-buy list.  At the top will be the Middle Earth & the 7 sins (don’t forget the dragons too!), but I think I really shouldn’t start with a BAP, might prove really discouraging >_<”  Nonetheless, I’ve specifically asked for a HAED chart for my upcoming birthday.  I think my friends will most likely gift me one.  I just have no idea which one it is.  I’ve hinted strongly that I’d like Middle Earth though 😛

This holiday season is gonna be draining my pockets.  All that going out for buffets, gift-exchanges, gifts for self… etc.  Bleh not to mention my waistline is gonna dramatically expand by like another inch or 2 again.  Gah!  To think 10 years ago, I could eat anything I want, as much I want and not care about my tummy getting larger.  It’s disgusting tbh.  I’m petite framed.  To some I might even come across as skinny.  But what ppl don’t see, cos I hide it like crazy, is my fking big tummy that hangs over my jeans.  Yuck ~ yeah hard work is required to get rid of it, but am just too freaking lazy.  Sigh.  I just hope I don’t end up having to buy new jeans after this year!

And for the record, no, I do not think the world is ending on 21 December 2012.

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