Gamers vs Everyone Else

The more people I know, the more I begin to emphasize with a few former WoW guildies who mentioned that most people they know don’t know they play WoW.  Initially I couldn’t understand.  It’s like… why do you have to “hide” who you are and what you really do?  Should your FRIENDS accept you for who you are… and those who don’t should just be given the finger, right?  Everyone who knows me knows that I play WoW and other games.  They know that I’ll turn down a movie outing or dinner request or whatever, if it happens to fall on a raid day.  I never bothered to hide it, and I wonder why people do.

Yes, that was before I started to expand my social circle (a move that I don’t regret btw, cos I’ve met some really awesome ppl by stepping out of my protective pally bubble).  I’ve come to realize refusing to talk about gaming outside the gaming community was not so much of gaining acceptance among your friends based on what you do (am sure they love you nonetheless, gamer or otherwise – cos they are your FRIENDS).  It’s more of wanting to avoid discussions about it that might lead to unnecessary unhappy conflict.  Cos to put it plainly, the muggles don’t get it.  They never did, and they never will.  No matter how much you try to make them see your point of view, they remain stuck with their misconception towards games & gamers… and honestly?  It’s a lot easier to just let them be.  It’s a waste of time (and mana) trying to convince them otherwise.

They. Are. Not. One. Of. Us.  Period.

Just look at some of the common stereotypes out there.  One of the most popular being: the look of a gamer.  If you are an adult and you play video games, especially if you spend hours & hours raiding on WoW, you look like…

wow-jenkins (South Park Episode: Make Love, Not Warcraft)

o-k-a-y.  lol ~ how many of us actually look like that, seriously?  For the record, none of my gaming friends are even close to fitting the stereotype.  Yes, argue all you want, say that my sample size is small… it is, I don’t deny it.  Show me then, how many gamers do you know then, who look like this?  Pls don’t link me shit from youtube, about “raging gamers” who are overweight & pasty, show me someone you actually know irl.  And if you look around you, there are plenty of overweight & pasty ppl around who do NOT play games – society is getting larger as a whole, and am confident to say it’s a matter of poor diet + sedentary lifestyle causing that instead of video games.

Then there’s the other extreme.  The posters of “hot” female gamers.  Let me tell you something, you morons, those are sluts with controllers or a mouse.  They are NOT reflective of the general female gaming population.  Source?  Once again, this is an observation based on my “tiny sample size”.  Oh, I’m not saying that the female gamers I know are ugly… stop trying to stir shit here.  They are beautiful, and yes, they are hot.  Just not the way you myopic people think “hot” is.  Need I really educate you about the difference between “hot” and “slut”?

Another stereotype: the people you meet in game are not real.

Mhmm… are you trying to tell me that the 9 other people I raid with each week are actually AI?  /gasp!  And what about those WoW mates that I met irl, those that I went to Sydney for?  They are pixels brought to live by my overly active imagination developed via years of extreme gaming, and are not real humans?  Omg.  My entire (gaming) Life is a lie!  I’ve always been careful about what I say to fellow players online, cos w/o the non-verbal cues that we take for granted in face-to-face interactions (eg. body language, tone of voice), it is so easy for text to be misinterpreted.  I’ve always given extra thought about the way I interact online, worried that unintentionally I might cause someone’s feelings to get hurt.

But hey, now that I’m wiser, I know that I’ve been an idiot for worrying that much… cos since it’s just a game, despite it being a mmorpg, there is no real person behind those avatars on the monitor.  Hence the truth is, there are no real feelings to hurt!  Furthermore, there isn’t a point to get too close to “people” you meet online either, for the same reason.  It’s pointless to forge friendships over the hours of co-operating to defeat an encounter… cos the “friends” you meet online aren’t “real friends”, they are just pixels that don’t matter.  That’s probably the attitude those shitheads online come equipped with… but whatever, they don’t exist for real anyway.

Oh and am pretty sure you heard this one: gamers are socially awkward introverts with little or no EQ.

Firstly, it’s a misconception that introverts are socially awkward.  You can read more about extraversion & introversion on Wikipedia here.

Secondly, gaming is not the only pastime that has socially awkward participants.  As for the misconception of video games being the sole cause of people developing social problems, pls don’t even go there.  It’s so retarded, I cbf to explain why that isn’t true.

Finally… what is with the bullshit about gamers being forever alone?  Too socially inept to have a mate.  Based on my small sample again, a good number of players I know are married or are in a long-term relationship.  Some have children.  Besides successful relationships have been developed by people who met via gaming.  If you are unaware of those, you really should stop tunneling.

Now for my pet peeve: Gamers don’t have a Life or Gaming is a waste of time

Gaming is a pastime, like any other pastime.  Are you telling me that anyone who has a hobby and dedicate much time to it doesn’t have a Life?  So… people who spend hours reading, lost in a fantasy world don’t have a Life.  People who walk around aimlessly in shopping malls don’t have a Life.  People who go clubbing, get wasted, don’t have a Life.  People who watch 22 grown men chase after a ball on screen, don’t have a Life.  Just why anyone should judge others based on how they use their time is beyond my comprehension… and for those who love to wave the hammer of justice around, tell me then, what do YOU do with YOUR time.

Granted it can be addictive.  But so are many other things around that causes addiction, what makes video games THE addiction?  Watching drama is addictive (just ask those ppl who rush home w/o fail just to watch the 9 o’clock show or something), gambling is addictive, the adrenalin you get from sports is addictive… etc. the list goes on.

Besides… as I read from an online poster about gaming (I can’t find it or I’d have linked it) why have a life when you can have many 😉

/yawn.  There really is much more, but I’m done talking.  Blogging is such a waste of time.


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