Countdown: 133 Days

19th December 2012. A date that I was hoping never had to arrive. I never ever considered the possibility of being in a long-distance relationship (“LDR”) but circumstances dictated that it has to be. He will be leaving tonight to study in America for a school term. That’s about 4.5 mths. Granted it isn’t as long as what some people go through, it isn’t exactly a short time either. Many things can happen and will happen in that time span. I honestly wonder if the relationship would survive this stress.

We’ve been together since 2009. Well, somewhat together. No concrete plans for the future were made, just casually talked about. Most often, I’ll feel single though I’m officially in a relationship, but I suppose deep down inside I know there’s someone whom I can count on. Besides, we never went for more than 2 weeks w/o seeing each other in person. Granted a lot of the time spent together is him doing his own thing & me doing mine, at least he’s just physically around. This time it is gonna be different. He’ll be 16hrs and many miles away… and there is no way we will be able to meet up at all till he returns in May.

Meh. I don’t even have much to say about this. Or rather, I’ve got so much to say but I have no idea how to start, how to put everything I feel into words. This stinks, big time. And today is my birthday. Ugh.

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