Progress: Day 1 of 133

Not good.  Time seems to crawl really slowly – doesn’t help that I’m at work.  Weekends wouldn’t be too bad… those always zoom by anyway.  Too bad that I’m unable to simply take leave for the entire 4.5 mths.  Gaming, cross-stitching and/or watching stuff will make the hours go by so much more quickly.  Then again, if I were able to take such an extended leave, I’d be heading to the US too… don’t have to be apart in the first place!  Funds will be another issue, but meh, gotta stay here cos I’ve got a future to work towards.  Housing in SG isn’t cheap.  Am saving up for downpayment required to purchase my own HDB apartment unit when I’m eligible 4 years later.  Hence much as I’d love to simply quit my job w/o finding anything new, I can’t.

Sigh, work is another huge pita. but I’ll rant about that another time.

2 May 2013 seems an eternity away.  There is a good thing to look forward to when he returns though.  We’ll be going for a short weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!  o(^_^)o  Yep, managed to capitalize on the Jetstar take a friend for free promo that took place last week.  S$156.00 per person for a return trip.  Not too bad eh?  Of cos travelling on the weekdays would be cheaper, but that will consume leave that I can’t spare.  In fact, this weekend trip will require me to take 1 day off.  14 days allowance.  -1, 13 left.  If my vacation to Tokyo goes ahead as planned, that’ll be another 7 days.  6 days left.  And should I take a day to go Universal Studios RWS in Jan, it’ll be another -1.  5 more to work with for 2013.  Gonna be a tad tight considering I should always keep days spare for important stuff that might crop up.  I suppose I could just go for day hikes to M’sia to keep that wanderlust under control.

Anyway… right now, my mission is to find an iphone countdown app.  We selected one before he left yesterday: Countdown to an Event.


Above: The Add/Edit event screen

It isn’t bad.  I kinda like it actually, and it’s pretty user friendly.  BUT it doesn’t have the option to do countdown via HOURS only – that is what I’m looking for.  Right now my timer says 132 days, 11hrs, 54min, 36secs.  I could adjust it to reflect years, months & weeks as well… but all I want is just hours or even minutes only.  Why?  Well… it feels faster that way.  I’d like it if I go to sleep, wake up and realize that I’m 6hrs (or more) nearer to the day.  Most of the other apps that I’ve found seem to focus on days & months… and those that have the hours function aren’t free.  (yes, cheapskate!)


How the app looks on the main screen.  The bottom “bar” can be hidden & the box can be adjusted according to opacity… can even be removed completely.

*mumbles*  I’ll try harder when I get home & have a wifi connection.  Downloading apps to test via 3G is just blah, and not to mention, I ain’t exactly allowed to use my phone during office hours.


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