New Year, New Resolutions

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again.  When everyone is reminiscing about the year gone past, and making resolutions for the next… guess I should just jump on the bandwagon though tbh, I don’t see what all the ‘hype’ is about.  It’s just another year, what’s the big deal?  Lol.  Despite that kinda mindset, why would I wanna ‘be like everyone else’, you may ask?  Well… let’s just say that that is one of my resolutions for 2013.  Hence in no order of importance, here goes:-

1.       Try embrace Normalcy occasionally

Yes that means, attempt to be sheep like everyone else.  Sometimes.  This is the resolution I mentioned earlier.

I don’t deny that I’ve always been a cynical, non-conformist misanthrope.  I hate people.  I really do.  Not specific people, just people on the general.  I’m an introvert as well, and that means I enjoy being alone & feel more energized when I’m spending time by myself – not that I am socially awkward, thank you.  I do consider myself being ‘above others’, and I could never bring myself to conform despite understanding the benefits of doing so.  I’m probably just angry.  Angry with everyone, angry with myself… but that I’ll leave it to a future post 🙂

Hence this year, am gonna try put myself in the shoes of the ‘general public’ from time to time, even if it means faking it till I make it.  I’ll try to see things from the ‘normal’ point of view, and hopefully will broaden my mindset a little & enable all that rage to dissipate a little… cos yeah, I do understand that my arrogance is causing me to adopt a very myopic outlook towards society.

Making resolutions, like everyone else, will b my first step.

2.       Be a positive, optimistic, kind person

Bleaurgh.  Just typing that makes me wanna smack someone in the head.  It sounds terribly cliché, doesn’t it?  The general viewpoint is that if a person is positive & optimistic, the person would naturally be happier.  Seriously?  While I don’t see how trying to be someone I am not is gonna make me happier, I am willing to test this theory.  If it works for me, good.  If it doesn’t, well, there really is no loss isn’t it?

As part of this resolution, I’ll try limit my angsty blog postings & status updates to no more than 3x/week.  That’s a lot, you say?  Well… let’s just say I’m prone to do that 7 days per week.  LOL.  Though that probably just means that I’ll end up bottling things inside, am of the hope that eventually I might see the negatives as trivial matters or develop the skill of making a negative a positive (if you get what I mean).

Mhmm… for the ‘kind’ part.  Let me ponder about it a little more, as I’m not used to ‘being kind’.

  • 3.       Take pleasure in the little things in Life

This is something I’ve always reminded myself to do, and when I manage to do it, it actually does feel good.  It’s the little things.  How beautiful the sky looks during sunset (I could never wake in time for sunrise haha); how comfortable my bed feels at night; the pleasant smell of my neighbor’s cooking (this might lead to envy though)… etc.  Hence, am gonna continue doing this for 2013, and perhaps increase my happiness level a little.

  • 4.       Strengthen existing bonds, forge new ones

An introvert I might be, but there are times that I do enjoy social interaction.  Family and friends are important.  Family – Will try to be more patient with my parents & indulge their requests of having a meal together at least once a month.  Friends – likewise, I’ll try to be more patient with the peeps I know, and organize meet-ups perhaps once every 2 mths or so.  I’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing a friend recently.  No, she did not die… she just isn’t my friend anymore.  That’s a story to be related another time, but all I can say is… though its good riddance to bad rubbish, it’s always a shame when friendship ends.

This year, I’ll strive to meet more people.  Meet & get to know them better.  Yeah, even if that means dragging myself to attend social gatherings =.=

5.       Reduce my body fat % to 19%, and maintain it

This one seems to be the most attainable.  My current body fat %, as measured 2 nights ago, is 21.5%.  If I further reduce my intake of fast food & soda and up my activity a little, I think 19% isn’t an unrealistic goal.  Mhmm… that’ll mean reducing the no. of binges as well (I’m a buffet freak).  Would take quite a bit of willpower and self restraint, but I think of all the 5 resolutions, this is the one which I actually might keep.

So yeah.  Let’s just see how long it’ll take for me to totally break no. 1-4.  A leopard can never change its spots afterall.


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