Anytime now!

It’s Jan 4 at my part of the world.  The first page of QS Heather is scheduled to be released today.  Yeah, that’s by no means a guaranteed date but am pretty sure it’ll be close, if not precise.  Nonetheless, taking time differences into account, I reckon I’ll be receiving it in my email tomorrow!  If not, then Sunday!  Am pretty excited about this one, though admittedly I’ve been lazy and have yet to grid my cloth nor bobbin my floss.

Did I mention it before?  This will be my very first HAED!  It might be a QS but it’ll probably be my most difficult project ever, with the amount of confetti that is bound to be present judging from the high color count.  Not to  mention, I’ll be using Krenik for the first time and I’ve heard nightmare stories about the sparklies.  Yep, this is gonna be one hell of a challenge.  One that I intend to face head on (no wordplay intended).  Might this be my first HAED completion too?  Only time will tell.

21,128 sts.  The deadline is Dec 2 to post all pictures, hence let me use that as a personal time check too.  Assuming I begin the upcoming Monday (will take the weekend to grid & bobbinate when I can tear myself off the PC), Jan 7, that makes 330 days.  That works out to 65.02 sts per day, make that 65 for a rounder number… will make up for the decimals by putting in 70 on the weekend… which is like 465 sts per week.  I know I’ve done this calculation before.  I just can’t remember whether I’ve put it down to writing so that I can refer to it more easily.  Well… wouldn’t hurt putting it down again just in case!

Ok.  Now while 465/week doesn’t sound very daunting by itself, I have doubts whether I’ll be able to make it.  I do have other projects on the go at the same time.  Not to mention, I’ve got Middle Earth Large & Mini The Oracle coming in May!  Most importantly, will I even start on Jan 7?  If I don’t, it means the numbers will be all off.  Not to mention… for each day that I do not pick up the needle, the number of sts that I’ll have to work on the days that I do increases.

Ahhh now it sounds like Mission Impossible 😛

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