“The busy have no time for tears.”

– Lord Byron (1788-1824)

I admit.  I’ve never heard of Lord Byron till I was googling “busy quotes” to use as a title for this post.  According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Byron), his name is George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron… later George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron Byron.  He’s a British poet “and a leading figure in the Romantic movement” (whatever that means – yes I am totally clueless when it comes to literary stuff though I did enjoy studying Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth in Secondary School).  Further reading into his profile revealed a picture of he is a Greek war hero & someone who has lasting influence on the literature and art.  Nonetheless he is an unpleasant man with numerous love affairs who treats women poorly… so I shall speak of him no further.

Well, as mentioned in my previous entry, I’ll be striving to keep myself busy.  And for that to happen, guess I’ll need a plan of sorts.  Or at least, a tasklist – something that I can refer to should I end up with “nothing to do”, yet something that I can ignore should I rather do something else at that point of time.  Here’s what I’m gonna attempt to fill my days with.


– Complete a handful (or as many as I can tolerate) WoW dailies

– Watch at least 1 ep of drama

– Put in 50 stitches on a WIP


– Complete the “mount raids” in WoW & at least 1 “pet raid”

– Complete min 1 LFR in WoW

– Guild raid on Sunday afternoons

– Attend gym at least twice

– Update spending track sheet


– Meet a friend for dinner / movie / whatever

– Do a HDB stair climb for Mt Fuji training


– Go for a swim

– Update my cross stitch to-do list upon purchase of the month’s magazine(s)

– Attend at least 1 Singapore Film Society (SFS) Screening


– Climb a mountain (meet-up group/YMCA/Bt Timah)

– Attend a local “event”

Sounds like a long task list I’ve gotten up there.  Which is good.  I like having a filled schedule & keeping busy.  Yeah so much so that I tend to plan my Saturdays way beforehand, leaving my weekdays open for last-minute plans (PS. anything that’s not confirmed 3 days in advance = “last minute” in my world).

January is looking good already.  I’ll be going for a haircut next Sat (12) and attending a wedding brunch on the 19.  Have already attended 1 SFS screening 2 days ago when I went to catch “Wreck It Ralph”.  Having dinner & watching “Les Miserables” yesterday + the upcoming wedding brunch will fulfil the bi-weekly requirement of meeting a friend, and am contemplating going for YMCA organized Gunung Datuk in Feb.  haha, I wonder what is a person like myself classified under.  A completionist?  A control freak?  Or is this all just plain OCD? /shrug doesn’t matter.

Whatever works for me, right?

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