Yomenya Goemon (CityLink Mall)

I confess.  I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to fusion food, and Japanese pasta is no exception.  So when a friend suggested dinner @ Yomenya Goemon, I hesitated a little.  But meh… it’s at CityLink Mall, an easily accessible place, and I kinda trust my friend’s taste in food, so I went ahead anyway.  Prior to this, the only other place I had Japanese pasta was at Saizeriya (their squid ink pasta is fking fantastic!), so I didn’t know what to expect.  As my friend recommended the squid ink pasta even before we were there, I thought that I’ll be having that.

One look at the menu, I stumped.  There were sooOOOoo many types of pasta and all of them sounds yummy :O  They had a half-half set which is 2 mini versions of a pasta + salad + soup + drink, but I wasn’t allowed to choose my own type of pasta so I gave that up.  Eventually after much contemplating, I settled for Lobster Bisque spaghetti while my friend went for Squid Ink spaghetti.

Goemon 02

When the mine arrived, it smelled so good that I started mixing the sauce with spaghetti up before I even took a picture.  LOL.  It tasted as good as it smelled & looked.  The lobster bits were tiny, and I’m not a fan of the red peppers in it, but the sauce was omg!  And the spaghetti was cooked just right!  Not fat & soggy like some other places.  Pretty sure I can finish at least 2 servings of this, will be ordering the large set nxt time I visit o(^_^)o

Goemon 01

This is my friend’s squid ink pasta.  I did try a bite.  Lovely!  haha yeah ~ the ink will definitely stain the mouth & u’ll end up wiping like crazy… more so cos its drenched with olive oil, but this is definitely a MUST-EAT.

Prices were pretty decent.  If I don’t remember wrongly, it was like S$19.00 for a regular set and S$21.50 for a Large one.  The half-half was S$21.50 I think.  Ala-carte, the spaghetti was about S$15.90?  idk.  Hopefully there’ll be a groupon deal or something for this in the future.  I’ll definitely order 2 plates if I can afford it 🙂

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