Beauty is only skin deep

“See plain Jane transform into hot babe in minutes” – claims a headline on AsiaOne.

Clicking on the article brings u to a short write-up about an online video of a step-by-step tutorial about how a girl uses make-up to enhance her looks… well, in this case, totally changes how she looks.  Apparently the video caption asks “if ugly people still exist, with the availability of makeup, Photoshop and plastic surgery these days.”  And of cos, the article includes a slew of before and after pictures of makeovers.  Yep, one of those articles.  This time, I ain’t even bothered to roll my eyes anymore.

I mean.  REALLY?  That’s what women HAVE to do to be beautiful?  Put on makeup, use photoshop to edit their digital pictures or go under the knife unnecessarily?  My question is… is that façade REAL beauty?

LOL yes I admit I’m one of those lazy “ugly” women who refuse to put on a single dollop of makeup… yeah, I don’t even use eyeliner.  If I don’t remember wrong, one of the rare times that I actually put on that kinda crap on my face was during my ROM like 7 years ago (tt marriage ended up in divorce btw) cos it was weird not to.  That occasion aside, even when I attend wedding dinners or formal dinners, I just turn up in a nice top & jeans.  Though some might think otherwise, I reckon that that is presentable enough.  Don’t really need to be all fancy in an evening cocktail dress unless I’m the bride or bridesmaid imo.

Ah well, ramble aside, I was saying… all that “fake stuff” = beauty?  So after all those things are taken away, the person would revert to be a plain Jane aka. an ugly woman?

Doesn’t sound like keeping up with the times, does it?  If Women continue to view their physical attractiveness according to the standards set by media… and ultimately it boils down to gaining acceptance from the Men.  It’s like telling your daughter, “There no ugly women, only lazy ones.  You gotta do whatever is deemed normal by society in order to be desired by men.  Cos that’s your role in Life, you exist only to be the other half of your male counterpart.”  Haha yes, I might be exaggerating, but I just can’t help viewing at this from this point of view.  Though am pretty sure, some women will claim that being beautiful and attractive to men is empowering & taking advantage of sexuality is feminism.  That, I can never relate to as putting things that way pretty much giving all the “power” to the men… what kinda feminism is that?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against women (and men) from using makeup.  If you wanna do it to enhance your looks, go ahead.  Just don’t make it seem as if it’s something mandatory and indirectly say that people who don’t do it are ugly… gives impressionable young people the wrong idea.  After all, beauty is only skin deep.  One should not forget that to be a truly beautiful person, you will have to be beautiful on the inside… and if everyone strives for that kinda internal beauty, the world would really be a more pleasant place to live in.


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