Easier said than done

I’m struggling with resolution 2, as expected.  It’s only 7 days into 2013 & I’m on the verge of failing.  My restraint stays, for now.  However, I know it’s only sooner or later that I’ll break this and let my “mean side” surface.  It isn’t easy, really, especially when I’m already in a highly-irritable mode due to all the noise that’s emitting from the colleagues sitting near me (they are always effing noisy… I dun understand why they have so much to talk about & why are they talking this loudly – but for that I’ll just hold back my temper for I don’t think it’s wise to offend if I don’t want my workplace to be more of a “torture chamber” than it already is).

So… what provoked this?

In a nutshell, I’ve been trying out Ragnarok Online 2.  Asiasoft has created a FB page for it, probably to jump on the social networking bandwagon for the spreading of awareness.  No issues with that, though my grip is indirectly linked to the FB page.  Day after day I see various ridiculous comments & questions being posted on the Wall… and this morning, the following comment takes the cake.


I almost lost control.  I typed a response involving the “s-word” into the comment box, took a deep breath and before I could post it, deleted it.  Yes, I tried my hardest to empathize with her mistake but I can’t.  Just look at what she posted.  Gosh.  It isn’t rocket science man.  There are only 3 bag slots in the game, just how many fking bags do you wanna be able to equip?  Besides, mouse over the item and it clearly states that it is not tradable.  If that isn’t clear enough, what is?  Just tell me I’m being unfair to say that was a clearly fking stupid thing to do.  There.  I finally said it.  I had to tell myself not to say that on FB, trying to rationalize that she’s probably feeling like crap already (deservedly so) and calling her names wouldn’t increase her intelligence anyway.  But… I just had to get it off my chest, hence this rant.  Phew.  Feels so much better now.

If you think I’m being too critical, think again.  When someone pointed out that she should have checked prior to purchase, she went on to blast Asiasoft saying that they should have restricted the purchase of bags to 3 per character, so such a mistake wouldn’t be made in the first place.  Typical shirking of responsibility.  Would have respected her more if she had admitted that it was stupidity on her part & asked nicely that the cash could be refunded or replaced with something else instead of going blah blah blah about how the cash shop wasn’t idiot proof.  It’s just like ppl who gets scaled by coffee blaming McDonald’s for not putting a warning on the cup that the coffee is hot eh?  D-U-H.  I hope Asiasoft doesn’t bend over and refund her the cash nor replace it with any other item.  Sometimes, learning the hard way, is the best way.

What if it was Me who made the mistake?  Well.  I would have been pissed.  Really pissed.  But the rage would be directed more towards myself than anyone else, cos honestly… in a situation like this, who else can you blame?  Learn, and move on.  But yeah, I would have sent them a private email admitting my mistake and requesting to see if they could refund the cash instead of going all QQ on FB (self pwnage much?) and retorting in a snippy way to people who pointed out the obvious (w/o insulting her like I would have did) – that she should have checked.

So yep, it’s actually more of her reaction and her attitude that irked me than her actual mistake made.  Not to mention, she is FEMALE.  A friend’s reaction to this?  “lmao female player” – not helping the reputation of female gamers here!

PS. Am not being an Asiasoft fan girl defending the company.  To the contrary, I think the way they’ve handled the OBT, marketing and sale of Cash Items horrendously (not cool, Asiasoft!)… but I’ll leave that for a future rage post.  Gotta find more nits to pick first… yeah like a server that’s constantly lagging isn’t huge enough a FAIL eh? 😉

PPS. Gotta mention this before I get blasted for being a meanie (which I don’t deny I am btw).  I’ve had my stupid moments on WoW too… that I confess, so it isn’t the end of the world when I say someone is being stupid.  The only difference is I sent in a ticket requesting for the issue to be resolved, not head to the forum & blaming Blizzard for my brain-fuzz moment.


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