Blame shifting

My resolve broke.  I replied to the thread, though it was more of a response towards RO2 (aka. Asiasoft) than Syari Shana.  Yep, that’s the name of that… woman (argghh took all my willpower not to use the “R-word” here).  Haha, guess that with the naming of the person, I’ve broken my resolution… naming & shaming isn’t exactly a kind thing to do, but whatever.  Why the decision to do so?  Well.  Not only was she unwilling to admit her mistake, she became all gleeful when RO2 notified her to PM them regarding her “confusion”.  Obviously she got a refund or something cos she went on to post a comment about everyone who pointed out that it was her mistake, that that’s the way businesses are done… and that everyone who said that it was her fault, should ‘get a life’.  Lolwut?

Ooo yeah, I don’t deny that it was just customer service on Asiasoft’s part.  Pretty sure they are forced to do so, even though deep down inside, like the rest of us, they probably think she is an idiot.  I kinda saw that coming.  In this world, the customer, regardless of how huge a moron he/she is, is always right… right?  Oh… anyway, my response towards RO2 (in a nutshell) was simply saying that they shouldn’t have to bend over to someone like her especially after all that blame shifting she’s done, and that the RO2 community would be better off w/o someone like her in it =)

Really.  Blame shifting sucks.  Without owning up to a mistake, one will never learn.  Yes, that is but a small issue, but it doesn’t make the ‘crime’ less trivial.  I totally fking hate it when ppl blame shift.

An example of a large issue?   Authorities blaming women for rape.  LOL yes, seriously dipsh!ts actually said that… can you freaking imagine?  Sheesh.  The latest incident about the 23 year-old student in Delhi (go do a Google search if somehow haven’t heard of it) is just another unfortunate example.  She was gang-raped, brutally assaulted and eventually succumbed to her injuries in hospital… and after all that, a “popular Indian spiritual guru” actually claims that she is at fault?

“This tragedy would not have happened if she had chanted God’s name and fallen at the feet of her attackers.  The error was not committed by just one side.” – Source, Channel

Hello.  WAD THE FK?

That is on top of the police saying that women actually asked to be raped by dressing provocatively.  Oh… and that isn’t just evident in Asia where women are traditionally viewed as the lesser gender.  Ever heard of SlutWalk?  It began as a protest against the words of an Ontario officer who mentioned that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”  Though I’ve got my own negative views against women who wear the ‘whore’s uniform’, I honestly do NOT think that women are asking to be raped.  Yeah they might be asking to get laid… but that’s a totally different matter altogether.  For the record, I don’t support SlutWalk despite knowing its origins and despite organizers saying that you don’t have to be a slut to attend.  I view ‘slut’ as being a derogatory term, a label that no decent woman should accept… and I do not wish to be associated with it.  Ever.

Heh, and in case you are wondering, I was very tempted to tell Syaria Shana that should she find herself in such an unfortunate situation someday…. well, you can guess the rest of what I wanna say 😉


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