Snippets of my “To-Visit List”

Note: Before anything, I’d like to mention that I’ve never been to any of the places listed below (that’s why they are on my to-visit list…. duh) – whatever information abt the places are gathering via clicking on links after a google search. Pictures are obviously NOT taken by me, and their sources have been credited. Websites, articles & even personal blogs have been linked. Should there be any copyright issue (I’m way too lazy to read up on such legal stuff especially since this is a personal blog & I don’t expect it to gather a huge following at any time), or if you are the owner of anything & don’t wish that it be linked elsewhere, just drop me a note & I’ll remove the offending item when I read it (your note, I mean)… but really, why wouldn’t you want free publicity? LOL ~ k now that I’ve gotten that outta the way… here goes ^_^

Glore Psychiatric Museum


[picture taken off Wikipedia]

Location: 3406 Frederick Avenue St. Joseph, MO 64506, United States

A casual google about schizophrenia lead me to the Wikipedia page that had the above image of an embroidery piece done by a schizophrenic patient that is exhibited in Glore Psychiatric Museum, located Missouri US. O_O!!! A psychiatric museum? Further googling about the place itself linked youtube videos where the uploaders described the place as “amazing” and “fascinating”… yet “disturbing” and “horrifying” (will definitely give those vids a watch when I get home). Basically the museum houses “full-sized replicas, interactive displays, audio-visuals, artifacts and documents” depicting how mental illness was treated in the past. Meh, even w/o clicking on the photos, I can imagine that the ‘tools’ used back then will fall under the category of being ‘barbaric’ based on the standards now & I have no doubt that some of the ‘treatment’ involved actually caused more harm than good. Mhmm… and considering it was built on what once was State Lunatic Asylum No. 2, I have no doubt that there will be a fair share of ghost stories as well. Definitely a place I’d drop by should I ever visit the United States.

Ah oh… there’s a pretty interesting blog post about this page I thought I should link. It’s written by someone who has actually gone there & there are lovely pictures! 😀

Takakanonuma Greenland

T Greenland

[picture taken off the Net. Have no idea who the credits should go to as it’s all over various blogs & websites AND credited to many different sources. Sorry!]

Location: Hobara Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (?)

Welcome to Silent Hill. Those were the first few words I thought when I saw pictures about Takakanonuma Greenland. I would definitely love to visit someday, assuming I can even find it! Apparently the actual location is unknown… it’s no longer off the maps & supposedly locals pretend that it doesn’t exist! The most information I’ve read is that it is in Hobara Town, and overlooks Fukushima (yes, the place made famous by the tsunami disaster), 250km North of Tokyo. How accurate that is, I have no idea. The ambiguity of it all gives me even more desire to be there! Mhmm… am not gonna bother to even try to do a write-up about it considering that all I’ll be doing is paraphrasing other blogs which paraphrase other blogs. Lmao ~ so here are some links for more information about the mysterious theme park in Fukushima & other defuct amusement parks in Japan/Asia (which are on my list too, just not as high up as Takakanonuma Greenland).

I can just imagine myself at the carousel….

Dark Roasted Blend
Artificial Owl

Island of Dolls


[picture taken off Web Urbanist]

Location: Xochimilco, Mexico

This, is a tourist attraction, and hence shouldn’t be too difficult to visit… assuming that I find myself in Mexico in the first place. Nothing against Mexicans (and for the record I LOVE Mexican food)! I just have a stronger preference for Europe, and hence would more likely be visiting European countries, that’s all. However, I wouldn’t discount planning a trip to Mexico just so that I can visit the Island of Dolls =)

As it name states, it is an island. Filled with dolls hanging from trees and strewn around. Visitors will face a scene that is worthy of a classic horror movie. Think decapitated heads, vacant eyes, severed limbs… and tiny bodies in various states of ‘decomposition’. And yeah, likewise, I am not gonna start paraphrasing stuff from other websites so the best thing to do would be to google. There is no lack of information for this interesting place already on the Internet. Mhmm… I think my Chucky doll might love it there 😉

Obviously my to-visit list doesn’t end here. There are many other awesome places that I’d love to visit, and yes, they are not all ‘creepy’ or ‘forsaken’. Mhmm… now that I think about it, perhaps it’s time that I pick up a copy of 1,000 places to see Before you Die from Kinokuniya. No doubt some of the places are definitely over-rated and would turn out being quite ‘meh’ irl, I reckon it is worth the reference… and I did get a S$15.00 cash voucher as a b-day pressie after all!


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