Food for Thought

Leather scraps being processed into gelling agents for medicine capsules; industrial gelatin used in yogurt & jelly; fake medicines & pills; fake food and drinks i.e. wine, tofu, eggs, flour… etc.; pork containing high amounts of illegally added carnosine; vegetables with residual level of pesticides ‘well above the legal limits’… and many more. Those are some of the food scares originating from China. The most recent? Instant chickens. Aka chicken that are made ready to eat within 45 days. Additionally those chickens are supposedly given high doses of antibiotics to keep them alive in conditions that would have otherwise killed them. Oh, and guess what? It is claimed that KFC and McDonald’s are supplied by such farms.

Link – The AsiaOne article that caught my attention.

Of cos there is denial about the chickens (the rest I’ve mentioned have pretty much been proven… ugh). I mean… who the fk would admit to such? Though there’s no concrete evidence supporting those claims, and that one should NOT believe everything they read on the internet or see/listen thru’ the media, question is – can there be smoke w/o fire? Is there a hint of truth to the claims made?

Is the food we consume these days really that tainted? While I’m adverse towards the option of going vegetarian (I like my meat too much to give it up & face it, veggies come with their own pesticide-scares too), I can’t help wondering… is going organic and free-range the only way to go? Or would it be easier to just not over-think and eat whatever everyone else is eating LOL.

Food for thought.

PS. /sigh now I really do feel like eating KFC.


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