WTB perfect eyesight!

Been looking @ the HAED BB for WIP pictures and can’t help starting to feel a tad demoralized.  Either everyone’s stitching way more hours than I am, or I’m stitching at an extremely slow pace.  The quickest has already completed page 1!  Imagine that?!  (and people say gamers have no life…. LOL)

Heather 01

This is all I’ve managed to do after 1 stitching session that lasted about 1.5hrs (wasn’t exactly looking at the clock).  Pathetic huh?  So much for my 65sts a day intention.  I didn’t even manage 65sts a week!  Well, I did work on it for another hour last night and put in like 30sts.  /sigh.  Maybe progress would have been quicker if I’d put it on a frame?  Idk… feels a little too small to put onto my scroll frame & I’ve no idea where my small hoop went – been missing for ages already.

Perhaps I should have worked on it more, but my eyes are just so tired by the end of the day when I actually have the mood to stitch b4 I sleep.  Peering at the PC for 8hrs and then more when I get home (gaming) is taking a toll… quitting gaming is not an option in the meantime btw.  I fking hate having chronic dry eyes.  If I don’t sleep excessively (>8hrs), I end up with blurred vision by midday… sometimes earlier.  Then I’ll have to strain to look at everything – pretty sure that makes the situation worse, and by the time I leave work, I pretty much see everything under a haze… it’s as if there’s a film of stuff on my eyes that I can’t rub away.

Am using Refresh Lubricant eye drops.  They provide instant relief, but the effects last maybe only a few minutes after application.  I’ve been taking omega-3 supplements daily, cos I read online that it might ‘help’ with dry eyes, but so far, nothing.  One thing I’ve noticed though… if I spend the day under humid conditions, it doesn’t feel so bad.  However, it has been a really long time since I had 100% clear vision.  I probably have to change the lens on my glasses too, but I gotta find a ‘good day’ to go down the optician for eyesight testing.  The blur vision as a result of dry eyes would probably screw up the results.

The next appointment I got with the National Eye Center (NEC) is in March.  Haven’t been down for more than 6mths already.  Well, not that the doc there is actually helping!  Every time I go, he says the same shit (yes I’ve tried requesting for another doc but I still get the same douchebag) – that my eyelids are oily and I’ve gotta clean it.  Then I’ll go home with more eyelid cleaning stuff & eye drops.  Hellooo… I’ve done that already AND IT’S NOT GETTING BETTER!  Why am I still going for follow-ups then?  Well… I’m always worried that the situation might get worse, and am hoping that half a year follow-ups will ensure early enough detection should anything crop up (which I hope NOT… ack touch wood!).

Gahh if only there’s some kinda miracle cure.  This all began when I had a bout of conjunctivitis that took forever to be diagnosed by the doctors.  By the time it’s over, my tear production cells have pretty much died – a condition that the specialist said was irreversible.  /sigh.  I’m only 32 this year… and already am having such issues.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t affect my vision in later years cos I do intend to be gaming & cross-stitching for many more decades!

4 responses to “WTB perfect eyesight!

  1. Sorry to hear about your eyes – have you tried using full spectrum daylight bulbs, together with a magnifying glass for your stand? I use the ones from Androv Medical – you can find them on Amazon. Best wishes.

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