Mount Fuji Climb 2013: Training #1 Aftermath

Nope, am not aching anywhere, and it’s not a surprise.  The “training session” yesterday was an extremely light one.  While a little physical activity is better than nothing, I can’t help feeling that we didn’t do enough (probably feeling this way cos it’s true -.-)

Started off with some stairs climbing… up till the 24th floor, that’s it.  Then we dropped by my place for a couple of mins where I picked up a bottle of water & my wallet, before we started off on a walk – more like a stroll actually, considering the pace we were going.  I had RunKeeper on. Managed 4.97km in 1:00:23… that’s on flat paved roads in nice cool weather (with a bit of a drizzle) btw.  Pathetic, isn’t it?  At the pace we were going, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to adhere to the climb schedule I’ve got in mind even if I were to not stop for photographs on the way… and that is not gonna happen.  I could actually go faster yesterday, but J didn’t feel up for it.

I honestly hope that J isn’t underestimating the mountain or overestimating the time we have to train.  Fuji might be a touristy spot, but it’s a mountain afterall… an 11km hike through the forest + later the gravel paths is totally different from an 11km stroll on Singapore’s lovely pavements.  Yeah we might have another 6 mths to go, but in the middle of those 6, she’ll be undergoing a minor operation that will take 2 mths off her ‘training allowance’.  Keeping fingers crossed that she just wants to take it easy for the first session and will pick up the pace for subsequent ones.  Also keeping toes crossed that E would actually do some training as well, cos as far as I gather, she seems to think the journey from the fifth station to the eighth is a walk in the park >_<”

Haha, and after saying all that… most importantly I gotta ensure that I don’t run out of steam myself.  I’m ultimately just another couch potato who would rather be gaming or working on my cross stitching while watching drama than ‘waste time’ on exercise.  Though there’s a part of me, who wishes that my foot wouldn’t hurt so much when I run.  I actually do want to finish the missions on Zombies, Run.  Bleh not to mention I purchased the ZR 5k Training app too when it went on sale.  It is a variation of the C25K program, which I started once last year & got bored.  Am hoping that this ZR version would be interesting enough for me to to continue – that’s assuming my foot doesn’t act up (seen a podiatrist for this, apparently the problem is flat feet + very tight calf muscles… have been doing stretches almost daily so hopefully in time this will solve itself).

Ahhh am babbling again.  Mhmm anyway I brought my ‘gym clothes’ to work today… if my willpower lasts itself, I might do half hour in the gym later – 20min on the elliptical + 10min on the stationary bicycle, after which take the stairs home.  Once again it isn’t much, just a little leg training, but I suppose it beats nothing!  Come to think of it, being on the elliptical, stationary bike & dreadmill are totally boring activities.  Should look into loading my phone with videos to watch while at it… might keep me distracted enough to stay slightly longer.  I can feel my motivation dissipating as I type this already.  Raining outside, nice weather to just… stay indoors.  LOL

Mhm… the SGD to JPY rate seems good for the past week.  Perhaps I should start changing some currency.  Still unsure how much I need atm.  Probably more cash than what I brought to Sydney or Greece considering Japan still somehow dominantly runs on cash.  Gonna do some more googling & draft up a budget asap.  Any help regarding this, especially an estimate of how much a regular non-fancy meal would cost (I read ¥500 – ¥1,000 so far), would be much appreciated.  I won’t be living large so I’m looking @ perhaps a simple bento, set meal or ramen for lunch & dinner + a breakfast of sandwich / burger / onigiri?  ^_^


3 responses to “Mount Fuji Climb 2013: Training #1 Aftermath

  1. Philip F. McCracken, III

    Train for thin air and high altitude. It becomes more difficult the higher you go. Fuji was my second climb there. Earlier I climbed exhaustively a mountain range in Saitama-ken (prefecture).
    An old local couple out paced my friend and myself.

  2. Righto! I’ll go do some googling to see what else I can incorporate into the ‘training sessions’. Bt Timah Hill (537ft) is the highest point in Singapore, w/o considering the high rise buildings, so I guess I’ve gotta find suitable substitutes to actual high altitudes. I’ll be incorporating some smaller hikes in Malaysia too, perhaps like once every 2 mths or so. Question… what kinda training did u do aside frm actual hiking?

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