Passport Renewal

Received the pink notification slip in the mail today that my passport is ready for collection within 1 mth from 18 Jan 2013.  Cool.  Considering that I submitted my application via the dropbox outside ICA on the 11th (after working hours).  So yeah, of those who are wondering how long it takes to renew a passport in Singapore… here it is – 5 working days… though it may take another 1-2 days for your notification to get delivered to your mailing address.  The collection is more of a hassle though.  Tried to make an appointment for this Sat but the slots are all taken, so I made one for Friday 8:30am instead.  Yeah I’ll probably end up late for work but meh, just wanna get it asap cos my Gunung Datuk hike is just next Sat!

haha ~ J is coming along with me and it’ll be her 1st mountain.  Hopefully she wouldn’t find it so hard that it puts her off hiking Mt Fuji.  The initial plan was to go for Gunung Lambak (which is easier than Datuk) but I had to skip it due to the foot injury I sustained in Phuket… pffftttt.  I wonder if I’m fit enough, don’t really feel ready though.  Off to the gym tomorrow again maybe?  LOL yeah, I made it down yesterday as I promised myself – 20min elliptical + 12min stationary bike.  Better than nothing! 😛


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