Tokyo Trip Planning <3

I love planning for vacations.  The research, the scheduling, the anticipation of going to a country I’ve never been to before & reading all those reviews & guides!  It’s half the fun of taking a vacation, if you ask me!  It isn’t without some frustration (OCD aside) though – since I’m not going alone, I’ve gotta take into account the whims of my travel companions… and that means inserting places into the itinerary that I wouldn’t even consider going should I be travelling solo.  But… the little inconveniences are totally worth it.  Sharing the experience with friends and/or family is priceless & makes a trip so much better imho 😀


Looking at the above Tokyo Subway Map (a pdf version is available via the Tokyo Metro Homepage) is giving me quite the confusion & causing my dry eyes to blur up.  Having so many lines is bad enough, but having trains run by different operators makes it more @_@ when trying to estimate a travelling budget.  Am actually looking to see whether the JR Pass is worth getting despite its obscenely high price of ¥45,100 for 14 days – that works out to more than S$600, insane much?  That’ll cost more than my plane ticket!  There’s a 7-day version at ¥28,300… but my trip is 11 days so that wouldn’t work.

Anyway, I’ll probably not get it.  It looks only worthwhile if I’ll be travelling extensively between regions, which I am not.  tbh the only reason why I was even looking at it is cos of the Narita Express that we’ll most likely be taking to get to-and-fro the airport.  ¥3,110 one-way to Shinjuku Station (which means ¥6,220 or almost S$90 in total /chokes on blood), and yes, it is covered by the JR Pass.  An alternative will be to take the Skyliner to Nippori (¥2,400) & transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku (¥190)… which will add up to ¥2,590 one way.  Transport in Tokyo is insane.  Compare that to the S$2.20 from Changi Airport Station to Joo Koon Station… which is pretty much SG from one end to the other.  haha, I admit that Singapore is like waaaaay smaller, but still… that much just to get from the airport & back?  There are another 6mths to go so I really hope I can find cheaper options T_T

Why am I not asking advice from those who’ve been there?  Well… let’s just say whenever I ask about travel tips, I tend to get very vague responses which lead to more questions and ultimately googling – might as well just cut out the annoyance & just use google from the start.  No?  Ehh actually I did ask a friend who has been to Tokyo, about transport from Narita to Shinjuku, and I mentioned I got the above 2 options from the net.  The reply I got was (not word for word but almost) “there are other ways from the airport besides Narita Express”.  When I asked what those ways are, the resulting reply was “it’s on the Narita website, you can check”.  O-k-a-y.  Helpful much.  See what I mean now?  Yes, I am being an unappreciative asshole, but hey… I did thank the person while (silently) reminding myself never to ask again.  And for the record, I had such responses too when I asked ppl stuff regarding my Sydney trip /facepalm.  LOL

But really, there’s a wealth of information out there that just needs sifting through to get rid of the irrelevant and/or out-dated information – official websites, forums & personal blogs chronicling the experiences of others who have been there & done that.  Heh, tts why I opted to start planning early ^_^

I can barely wait for July.  Been reading blog posts about the Mt Fuji climb experience and now I just HAVE to see the sunrise up there!  I am certain it’ll be a breathtaking sight.  And the camaraderie among hikers is something I’d love to experience again.  I climbed Mount Kinabalu back in April 2012… and I tell you, everyone is just so uber friendly up there.  Pretty sure it’s the “we are in this together” feeling that makes everyone so… happy & supportive of each other.  Oh yeah, the sunrise from Kinabalu summit was fking awesome.  I can’t describe it in words & unfortunately only had my iphone with me back then so my photographs don’t do the actual sight any justice either.  That feeling when you look back from where u came from & see the silhouettes of fellow climbers against the pre-dawn sky… is really (x100) OMG.  I just KNOW Fuji will be just as awesome, if not even more so!

Mhmm… anyway I’ve decided to set aside a page on my blog for my “training plan”.  It might sound feeble at the moment, and I hope to increase the intensity eventually but I think that’s all the energy & time I’m prepared to expend at the moment (I’m still a gamer nerd at heart).  I’ll also include my “training log” as (hopefully) additional motivation to myself.  Whether I’ll make it to the summit in July, I’ll just have to try.  At the very least, all this is gonna make it easier for me to keep that stupid resolution I made at the start of the year 😛


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