Ragnarok Online 2

This is way overdue considering that Open Beta Testing (OBT) started beginning of the year.  I’ve been playing on and off, though admittedly, one of the reasons I still am doing so is cos some of my WoW mates are playing (and it’s cos of me that they started playing).  If I were playing solo, I’d have quit a long time ago.  Would I have even started playing?  Yeah.  Ragnarok Online was the game that kick-started my MMORPG addiction.  Back then I was on iRO, then mRO and then private servers.  Spent all my time farming (and botting) for items for headgear creation.  LOL ~ yeah gotta say they didn’t have much of an end-game… or at least, one that didn’t capture my attention enough.

Let’s see.  How do I feel about RO2 then?

Firstly, as expected, the community is rubbish.  It’s a F2P game with cutesy characters & a cash shop… plus it’s run by Asiasoft.  Pretty sure a huge no. of them are former or current Maple Story SEA players (is that game even still alive?).  I have no idea how else I’m supposed to say this, but a huge % of the population are childish and/or retarded (not in the medical sense… before someone starts hurling stones at my direction).  Just take a look at my previous posts “Easier Said than Done” & “Blame Shifting” for an example.  Dear Syari Shana is just the tip of the iceberg.  A glance @ RO2’s facebook page will definitely reveal more – those who don’t read & asks stupid questions, the endless QQ about the endless maintenance, the thousands of “AsiaSoft sux” posts.  LOL, yes, those are the type of ppl you would be sharing the server with if you are playing the game!

Gameplay itself is simple, and that’s fine.  Click mob, spam skills, loot, gtfo.  Quests are repetitive… speak to NPC, return to NPC, find NPC, kill x-number of monsters, collect x-number of items off monsters.. blah blah, u get the gist.  Well I ain’t really gonna complain about that, it is good to be able to do something brain-dead at the end of a long work day… and there’s something about farming that I actually do enjoy to a certain extent.  The dungeons are simple enough.  Don’t even really need a tank if you are doing them with your mates.  Have done all the way till Wolves Caves with 4x dps + 1 healer.  Had a ‘proper’ party set up for Izrud & Sea God Temple (SGT) though – was forced to do so cos I was pugging & those n00bs just insist on having a real tank.  Whatever, eh?  Yet another example of why the community sucks.  Hate it when ppl do things ‘by the book’ – and yes, I hate such ppl irl too.

RO2 culvert

[screenshot of my 4-man party in the Culverts, 1st dungeon of the game]

No idea about the hard mode dungeons or raids.  Am only lv 30 atm due to the lack of motivation to play.  The lack of motivation right now is mainly cos though am over leveled for SGT, I still need to do that shitty place another 2x for the Khara and forming a party is a real p.i.t.a.  Like how WoW used to be, it takes almost an hour of spamming in Trade & LFP channel to find a fking healer.  Sheesh.  The looking for party system in game doesn’t help, just puts u on a list stating that u are looking for a group for a particular dungeon.  Unless u are a tank or a healer, chances are you’ll be ignored by others forming a group.  Yep, just like any other MMORPG I suppose.  (Thank Blizzard for their LFG matching system!)  Well, I might eventually just lose patience and skip SGT but meh… I’m quite the completionist.  I want my Kharas done!  Speaking of which, brings me to the next reason why I don’t like RO2 all that much.

The Cash Shop.  Skill & stat reset scrolls are cash shop items.  So are the spinels that are used for on the spot resurrection.  The super large bags are cash shop items… and there’s a Khara that requires you to have 3 of them!  Kharas are like achievements, goals for a player to complete.  Some give titles that give stats (what rubbish lol), some give zeny, some give exp… etc. and oh, some like the bag khara awards “khara points” that you’ll need to unlock other kharas.  Plus need I mention that it’s part of 2 different ‘completion rows’?  I’ll take a screenie of it another time, if I bother.  Asiasoft is pretty much saying this is yet another pay-to-win game.  Yes, u CAN don’t complete the kharas, but really, which gamer wouldn’t want to? /rolleyes  I am totally for having vanity items on in the cash shop… but when items that affect the game gets put on sale… -.-

On top of all that, there’s the lag.  While I do understand that the game is in OBT, lag is kinda inexcusable?  Am tolerant when it comes to bugs & I don’t mind the frequent maintenance they do in order to fix them… but dying in combat cos the server is too laggy for me to spam the pots is frustrating.  It’s not just lag spikes.  It’s fking LAG, that goes on for the entire evening.  Despite opening a third server, Freyja, adding more channels to the existing Einherjar & Jormungand, and limiting the access to only players in SEA (this part isn’t 100% true as I’ve got friends from America playing) the problem still exists.  Should have resolved that before tweaking everything else like the cash shop, skills… etc.  Just sayin’.

If I’m that unhappy, why not just quit?  Well aside from the reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this post (friends & acceptable gameplay)… the game is not all negative.  It doesn’t suck beyond redemption.  I like how the graphics are.  A little cartoony (and hence childish), but they are decent.  Plus it is kinda like taking a walk down memory lane, seeing all those familiar places from my younger days again.  The current Prontera reminds me hugely of Stormwind though.  The houses, the colors and even the harbor.  Just take a look at the screenie below

RO2 prontera

I’ll probably solider on till I reach max lv though, give end-game a shot, and heck… I might even continue after OBT.  It does come in handy on the days that I don’t feel up to playing WoW or the Sims 3.   However, don’t even for one second think that RO2 is gonna replace WoW in my life.  Though I can feel my days in Azeroth inevitably drawing to a close (as I mentioned in my WoW-blog /readycheck), I gotta say home is where my guild is… and for now, that’s in the the World of Warcraft.

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