Hello Kitty’s Garden


Yeah u read that right.  Hello Kitty’s Garden.  I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the “game”, and have no idea why I downloaded it (aside it being free).  The greatest mystery is why in the world I haven’t deleted it already & instead, am still “playing” now and then?!  LOL pardon the inverted commas.  I just don’t think such games are real GAMES, if you get what I mean.  But yes, as you notice, it doesn’t stop me from having a go at them!  Oh… and in case you are wondering, I DO play those social “games” on FB as well o(^_^)o

Before I proceed further:-

Disclaimer:  Information provided are based on first-hand experience with the game – read: taking down notes on a scrap piece of paper while under the pretense of working in the office.  They are not extensively “researched” into, so mistakes might have been made.  Should you spot any error, it’ll be great if you could let me know!  For the curious, screenshots are taken from my iphone.  The weird “button” that you may see on the screen is not part of the game, it’s the adhesive touch button I use cos my home button is starting to die. Lastly, I ain’t promoting the game, neither am I dissing it – I don’t get any benefits doing either.  Am just talking about it cos I feel like doing so.

That being said… let’s continue!

On iTunes, it’s described as: “Hello Kitty’s Garden is an exciting time-management and farming sim that puts you in the shoes of Hello Kitty herself, taking up the hobby of gardening.”

Well, that is kinda misleading.  LOL I honestly do not think it’s in any way ‘exciting’ and neither is it a real ‘time-management and farming sim’.  Pretty sure a game really does need a certain sense of difficulty in order to be called a SIMULATION.  Hello Kitty Garden is nothing more than just brainless clicking & waiting for time to pass.  Sure, there are quests to fulfill that involve harvesting x-number of x-plants.  However, the time given is definitely sufficient to get at least a GOOD in the quest, assuming you are with your phone the whole time and tend to the crops almost immediately when they require it.  EXCELLENT does involve some pre-planting though, but as quest crops are totally random, it pretty much boils down to luck what you decide to plant on your free day (1 free day is given in between quests).


Oh right… I actually do have to explain how the game goes.  Well, you get a starter garden with 16 plots of land.  You just choose the crop you want to plant and tap on the plots.  After the seeds are sown, it will be the maintenance period (let’s just call it this), whereby you will have to either water or fertilize the plot by tapping on it.  Eventually, after a certain no. of maintenance actions, your crop will be ready to harvest and you do so by well… tapping on it, duh.  As far as I notice, the type of maintenance is random & the no. of maintenance actions differ between the crop types.  Coins you earn can be used to purchase other gardens, and decoration items.  And yep, there are achievements for doing so.


Like all other social games, HKG comes with a special currency that you can only obtain via purchase with real life cash or clicking on their special offers.  The Star Points, allow you to purchase better gardens, purchase decorations & unlock Sanrio characters to help with your farm (default is 2 helpers).


Anyway since I didn’t manage to find any site that has a list of profits for a certain crop, I’ve decided to compile the following for my own reference & for anyone who happens to google their way here looking for it.  Unfortunately, as I have merely unlocked the first 2 gardens for my game, am only gonna include Tier 1 & Tier 2 crops that my gardens are able to fully support.  Higher tier crops supposedly will take longer to grow – that might affect results, hence am not including them in the list below.  There are 3 crops for each ‘tier’ btw.


Tomato (Tier 1) Planting: -10, Maintenance: -15, Harvest +26 = Profit: 1

Corn (Tier 1) Planting: -10, Maintenance: -25, Harvest: +53 = Profit: 3

Mushroom (Tier 1) Planting: -40, Maintenance: -35, Harvest: +79 = Profit: 4

Pumpkin (Tier 2) Planting: -22, Maintenance: -25, Harvest: +49 = Profit: 2

Wheat (Tier 2) Planting: -30, Maintenance: -30, Harvest: +63 = Profit: 3

Pea (Tier 2) Planting: -47, Maintenance: -50, Harvest: +102 = Profit 5

At a glance, it does seem that corn is the best item to plant.  I didn’t take into account the time in between maintenance though (I don’t have the patience to sit there and stare at the screen the entire time lah… hurts my dry eyes too), so the actual rate of profit/time might prove that wrong.

Outta curiosity, I planted 2 batches of Orange to see if there is a difference between the no. of maintenances required on plots with differing amount of nutrients.  Planted 1 batch in Starter Garden, the other batch in Castle Courtyard, both of which do not have sufficient nutrients to begin with.  Well… both ended up with the following results – Orange (Tier 3) Planting: -45, Maintenance: -35, Harvest: +83 = Profit: 3.  Once again, the time between maintenances were not taken into account… though I daresay that is where the difference lies.  Well perhaps someday I’ll be bored enough to track the time taken, but till then… let’s just leave it as this 😀


Anyway, am saving up for the next garden.  Almost there now, with less than 1,000 coins to go (ugh).  Speaking of which brings me to….

My main complaint about this game?  MONEY IS SO HARD TO EARN!!!  Yeah, just look at the list I’ve provided above.  Look at the pitiful amount of profit you get each crop.  The quests give you a little bit more upon completion, like 25 for ‘good’ & 75 for ‘excellent’ (depending on how many in-game days it takes).  Can you imagine how long it takes just to get the 5,000 coins required to unlock the second garden?  Next one is 12,000 then 40,000 and finally 70,000.  LOL pretty sure even if I play this everyday for 3 mths, I wouldn’t even be able to unlock them all.  I’m not gonna pay precious irl $$ for the star points!  Guess this is how the developers get ppl to play their game forever… without frequent updates.  Yep, I’ve got this app for ages & there isn’t any new content ever.

Another being: IT IS A F**KING BATTERY DRAIN!  Before you argue all iphone apps are batt drains, just stfu.  If you play enough, you will realize that some are more drainy than others.  That’s a fact & I do not wish to argue about it.  Only play this if you have access to a power supply or you don’t care that your phone dies.

Ok, end of QQ.  Shouldn’t even be complaining about a free game, eh?  LOL Anyway,  I honestly think though it is relatively brainless, Hello Kitty Garden is an wonderful time sink (though not as awesome as typing a blog entry) – something that you can tap every couple of minutes in the office while pretending to work.  The crops don’t rot or decay even if you don’t tend to them for days, so it’s good.  Don’t expect to be completing many quests if you aren’t giving it sufficient attention though!  Have fun! 😛


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