Lunar New Year incoming!

River Hongbao 2013

2013 is the Year of the Snake.  The Lunar New Year is just around the corner with 初一 (the first day) being 10 Feb 2013, and once again it’s time for the River Hongbao.  Can’t remember when I started going to River Hongbao & honestly don’t remember why I even went in the first place considering that crowd & “Chinese stuff” is so NOT my thing, but pretty sure I’ve been there for the past 2 years with the same group of friends.  Considering that I’ve just spoke to them about it over whatsapp… yep, we are going again this year!  LOL and yes I am strangely looking forward to it.  Wonder if this is gonna be our yearly tradition… haha o(^_^)o

This year, it’s once again held at The Float @ Marina Bay.  It’ll be from 8-13 Feb 2013, 12:00 – 23:30hrs daily (with exception of 1:00 on CNY Eve with Countdown).  There is gonna be a Fireworks Display on 8 Feb at 8pm & 9 Feb at Midnight – to usher in the new year.  Am gonna try make it down for the CNY Eve one, despite the fact that it’ll be fking crowded, cos I’m a sucker for fireworks!

How much of a sucker?  Well… I waited almost an hour in the cold at Darling Harbour when I was in Sydney just to watch one!  FINE.  Say that I’m exaggerating.  It wasn’t that cold but it was fking freezing FOR ME cos I have really low frost resist irl.  My air-con is never set lower than 25°C… so go figure.  Anyway it was worth it.  The photos I took didn’t do it justice (either cos the TG-1 isn’t good enough to handle such shot or cos it’s a user fail… maybe even both) but trust me when I say it was more than what I expected from a regular display… and anyway, wth… I’m supposed to be talking about River Hongbao!  Off-topic much >_<”

River Hongbao

[picture lifted off the Official Website]

Anyway, am looking forward to viewing & taking snappies of “some of the largest lanterns ever designed for River Hongbao” (with my TG-1 and/or iphone of cos) and perhaps try some of the Guangzhou delicacies.  But most of all, am just happy at the thought of being able to celebrate the New Year with some of my longest-time friends again… haha I guess that sentimentality is a sign of me getting old 😀

Reunion Dinner

Dad has been asking for weeks now, what to have for reunion dinner… and as I absolutely love steamboats, I voted for that.  Unfortunately, our home steamboats aren’t exactly very… successful.  My mum is a mediocre cook – she puts minimal effort into making our meals and as a result everything is just well… edible.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Am not being ungrateful here – am just stating things matter of factly.  I still eat her home cooked meals almost every day so don’t go saying that I’m some ingrate, cos… I. Am. NOT.

Anyway… it’s pretty much up to me if I don’t wanna have some bland soup base with a pitiful amount of ingredients this year.  So yes, I have taken it upon myself to make it happen this time!  However, I can’t cook.  Well… I can microwave and bake stuff, but I’ve never been able (nor really bothered) to make yummy dishes.  Look.  If I end up living alone sometime later in life, I’ll be having steamboat with rice or udon every single day cos it’s the simplest healthiest option I can think of.  Yes… I am too fking lazy to even prepare a sammich – am sure I inherited this attitude from mom LOL

Well, my initial plan was actually sukiyaki.  Bad idea.  Went to Mediya like 2 weeks ago and grabbed a random bottle of sukiyaki sauce, thinking that magically it’ll make things happen.  Wrong.  The end result was some weird soy-tasting ‘broth’, so unlike what I had at E’s place during her birthday party.  It might be cos I added too little or too much sauce vs water.  It might be cos I used the wrong type of sauce.  idk ~ but there isn’t much more time left to do further trial and error!  This Sunday is gonna be my last trial before the real thing!


[picture lifted off Wikipedia]

SoooOOOooo… I’ve decided to try another simple thing – using dashi soup stock instead.  Off I am to Mediya later after work to purchase some instant dashi and will be giving it a go after raid this Sunday.  Keeping fingers crossed that something decent will turn out this time!  Mhmm… and now that I think about it, I should just give my mum the shopping list later so she will have ample time to go to the market & get the ingredients for the steamboat.  Why am I not doing it myself?  Uhmm… let’s just say I’m kinda inexperienced when it comes to shopping for fresh food so it’s better that my mum does it =)

Ok.  I’m lazy ._.

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