Food… glorious food!

I didn’t buy any dashi last night.  There were too many options at Mediya for a cooking n00b like me… and most of them seem like miso soups.  I didn’t know what to choose.  Meh, don’t u hate it when there are soooOOooo many different variations of the item you are looking for in the supermarket?  Well, I might pop by NTUC Fairprice later this evening for a walk, should I manage to drag myself down to Yoga class @ Amore Fitness, City Square Mall.

Gym.  Yes.  Gonna side-track a little here.  I’ve been pretty successful in hauling myself to the gym for the past 2 weeks – with Mt Fuji in mind.  Not so much of attending classes, but more of using the elliptical, stationary bike & dreadmill.  Yeah it might be merely 30min/session, but I do feel my legs getting tired from it… so I guess somehow it’s helping?  Mhmm… there’s one nagging thought in my mind though.  That my legs are gonna be more developed compared to the rest of my body, specifically my upper.  My arms have always been stick-think since I was a kid (and hence everyone thinks I’m thin when I’m actually skinny fat LOL).  I’ve also got a tummy pouch that I can’t seem to ever get rid of.  Am contemplating doing weight training… but I’m worried about injury.  I don’t have much strength to begin with, am concerned about working those machines in poor form & end up hurting myself.  A personal trainer is a luxury I’m unwilling to splurge for (think S$90/session), and you-tube videos just help that much.

The age-old saying is that “abs are made in the kitchen”.  While am pretty sure that is true, I don’t have much control over what I have at home – mum cooks, remember?  Rice is a huge part of Asian meals.  So are noodles… and yep, that means carbs!  Though I don’t think all carbs are bad, it’s common advice is that carbs should be cut.  Meh.  I have stir fry noodles (courtesy of mom) each morning for breakfast, rice/noodles for lunch at the hawker center & rice + a few side dishes & maybe a soup for dinner.  Cutting out carbs 100% is almost mission: impossible.  Look, I could go for ‘western food’ options, which is like meat + sides, but do u have any idea how much say… a chicken chop costs vs a plate of chicken rice?  Make changes to the meals I have at home?  Yeah sure.  I guess I could take over cooking for the family, or at least prepare my own meals, but f**k that really.  I love how I’m saving $ eating meals at home (I don’t pay for groceries).  I’m saving up for my own HDB apartment so I do not wish to spend any more than I can help it (don’t even think of suggesting me cutting out vacations as a substitute)… plus I really like the extra time I get from not having to prepare my own dinner!

Excuses?  Maybe >_<”  Am just pointing out that things are always easier SAID than done.  But am not giving up.  Am still clinging on to the hope that with regular activity, I’ll be able to attain my body fat % goal for 2013 and in the process, shave an inch or 2 off my belly pooch too.  I look like I’m 3 mths preggie ffs.  Yuck!

Meh.  Back to FOOD.

Stumbled upon Closet Cooking yesterday while I was googling about dashi.  It’s one of those recipe blogs, if you know what I mean?  tbh I didn’t think much about it at the start, spent a few seconds looking at it and decided to subscribe to the newsletter just for fun.  Though I barely cook (cos I don’t wish to spend the time & effort doing so), suck at it and tell everyone I dislike cooking (which I honestly do to a certain extent… cos it’s time wasting and the kitchen is icky)… there are rare times when I actually pick out some random recipe, either from a cookbook or online, and spend a few hours on a weekend messing ard in the kitchen.  Guess you can say… it’s more like playing with food?  LOL ~

Admittedly, soon after, I kinda forgot about the blog till I received my first newsletter email with the title “19 Decadent Dips” earlier this morning.  I scrolled thru’ it with mild interest until I saw this – Hot Cheesy Mushroom Dip.  I love mushrooms, and the picture looked so scrumptious that I had to click on the link.  Wow.  Just frigging take a look at it if you don’t believe me.  Needless to say, that’s going on my to-attempt list, though when will I actually do it is another thing altogether!

Further exploration of the blog unearthed more recipes that made it on my list… and made me interested enough to check out the blog roll that led me to more interesting looking stuff that I think I can make!  It’s kinda sad though… that most of my attempts result in a fail.  Can never recreate the amazing stuff that I see in the pictures online.  But I suppose, I can only get better!  I’ll experiment more when I have my own kitchen, I’m sure 😀

Lest I forget (in alphabetical order) – sif I’ll ever forget this site

Allrecipes Asia – ahh… with an Asian focus

Closet Cooking – recipes for yummy looking stuff o(^_^)o

Gourmet Gaming – replicating in-game food, need I say more?

Mushrooms Canada –

My Feasts – another recipe blog with great looking food!

NoobCook – cos I like the name of it


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