Mountaineering Challenges

I’ve always been the kinda person who likes collecting stuff. Having a list of ‘achievements’, completing them and checking them off has always been fun for me (I’ve got an above average achievement score in WoW to prove that LOL). The Malaysia G12 intrigued me & hence, I decided to take a look at the other lists of mountains worldwide… and these are the prominent few:-

The Seven Summits

“The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. Summiting all of them is regarded as a mountaineering challenge, first postulated as such and achieved on April 30, 1985 by Richard Bass (Bass et al. 1986).” – Wikipedia

The list is an impressive one: Killimanjaro (Africa) 19,341ft ; Vinson Massif (Antarctica) 16,050ft ; Kosciuszko (Australia) 7,310ft OR Carstensz Pyramid (Australia) 16,024ft * ; Everest (Asia) 29,029ft ; Elbrus (Europe) 18,510ft ; McKinley (North America) 20,320ft ; Aconcagua (South America) 22,837ft.

* Kosciuszko or Carstensz Pyramid is depending on whether you are looking at Bass or Messner list… if it were me doing this, I’ll be climbing both “just in case” and cos I will be able to!

(@_@;) but ME doing it? LMAO. Gotta be kidding. I’ve already mentioned that it’s highly unlikely that I’ll attempt the Malaysia G12 mountains (with exception of Kinabalu that I already did), what are the odds of attempting the Seven Summits? People who actually do it are f**king insane if you ask me – and yes, that is a compliment. I gotta admit though, that Killimanjaro is tempting… an acquaintance of mine climbed it in 2012 & his photos are just plain amazing. Plus all this while, Everest Base Camp is somewhere in the dark corners of my mind. Those 2 aside, I’ve never heard of the rest… until today 😀

A slightly crazier list than this will be the…


Duh, the name of the challenge pretty much says it all. Wikipage here! They are mountains >8,000m (26,247ft), and they are all found in Asia! Yay, Asia! LOL The line-up being: Everest (again); K2 ; Kangchenjunga ; Lhotse ; Makalu ; Cho Oyu ; Dhaulagiri I ; Manaslu ; Nanga Prabat ; Annapurna I ; Gasherbrum I ; Broad Peak ; Gasherbrum II ; Shishapangma.

I can’t even pronounce some of those stuff man… and yep, have never heard of any of them with exception of Everest of cos. Meh, am feeling so ignorant now >_<”

Seven Second SummitsWikipedia

As if having the Seven Summits isn’t enough eh? People just have to make a list of the second highest peaks in each continent and scale them as well. Looks like I’m not alone with my obsessions with lists! Mount Kenya (Africa) ; Mount Tyree (Antartica) ; Mount Townsend OR Puncak Mandala (Australia/Australasia) ; K2 (Asia) ; Dykh-Tau (Europe) ; Mount Logan (North America) and Ojos del Salado (South America) make up the second seven.

Further reading of the wikipage will reveal that they are actually more difficult than the Seven Summits! Ahh.. that further proves my conviction that the difficulty of a mountain is NOT proportionate to the height of the mountain.

Volcanic Seven Summits & Seven Second Summits – Wikipedia

This one sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? The seven highest and second highest volcanoes of each continent. I’ve always had a fascination with volcanoes. They are like so potentially destructive and yet so beautiful at the same time. One of my (insane) wishes is to actually be in the midst of a volcano eruption… watch it erupt. Well, that pretty much means I’ll die & pretty sure I’ll be in too much agony to actually enjoy the scene though. LOL

Ah well… the only volcano I’ve ever stepped foot upon is the one in Santorini, Greece. Went on a boat trip to the hot springs + a simple walk around the volcano caldera when I visited the country in 2009 – that was actually the trip that ignited my dormant wanderlust.

Anyway the volcanic seven summits comprises of: Ojos del Salado (South America) ; Kilimanjaro (Africa) ; Elbrus (Europe) ; Pico de Orizaba (North America) ; Damavand (Asia) ; Mount Giluwe (Australia) ; Mount Sidley (Antartica) – yep you can see a few crossovers from the previous few lists here.

The volcanic seven second summits… or 8 to be precise due to continental disputes are: Monte Pissis (South America) ; Popocatepetl (North America) ; Mount Kenya (Africa) ; Mount Ararat (Asia) ; Kazbek (Europe) ; Mauna Kea (Oceania) ; Mount Erebus (Antarctica) ; Mount Hagen (Australia).


Phew. Just reading about them exhausts me already… so nope, they aren’t calling out to me at this point of time. The lists are here for reference only. Think I’ll be more comfortable sticking to just regular touristy stuff with some leisure nature walks & simple hikes integrated into my itinerary 😛


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