It Takes Two to Clap

Does it, really?  I’m f**king exhausted.  I want to call it quits and move on.  Long distance relationships are just stupid and it’s ridiculous that I’ve allowed myself to be in one.  The best part?  The only way to break up right now is via text cos we aren’t even talking on Skype/Viber.  Why?  Cos the calls keep getting disconnected after a couple of minutes and it’s uber frustrating whenever it happens – so much so that he doesn’t even wanna call anymore.  Well… it’s really not as if he wants to do anything else.  On a good day, perhaps 5 messages come in via whatsapp.  On a bad day?  Nothing.  Zlich, till I throw a tantrum.  His excuse?  He is busy.  Yeah rite.  Too busy to  make time for a text?  Too busy or just can’t be bothered?  It’s just uber frustrating that I’m the only one who’s making some kinda effort to keep this alive at all.  How f**king healthy is that?  Ugh.

I should really just walk away.


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