When the Heart & Brain are not in sync with each other

It’s one of those Heart Vs Brain (HvB) dilemmas deciding whether to go ahead with the Tokyo trip I’ve got planned or to pull out before it’s too late.  Am thinking, perhaps I should put that conflict in writing… maybe that will allow me to approach this from a broader aspect & assist in making a decision.

/^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\

(the following is gonna sound a little psychotic, all that “talking to myself”, but it does help keeping my train of thought on track LOL)

Brain:  Cancel it.  There is no way J is gonna make it up Mt Fuji, and you know it.  Judging from her current fitness level, she will take forever to reach Station 1 even, which means throwing the entire hike off schedule.  Good luck reaching Station 8 early enough to have a decent rest before the climb to the summit… oh wait, reach Station 8?  /snigger

Heart:  Suppose compromise can be done?  Perhaps visiting the shrine in the morning, and then taking a bus to start from Umagaeshi instead?  That will shave 2hrs off the hiking time.

Brain:  That most likely isn’t enough to keep you on schedule.  Say you begin at 9am.  With her pace, you’ll probably reach Station 5 at what… 4pm or later?  LOL and there’s a high chance that she’ll be so exhausted that she wouldn’t want to proceed further.  If that happens, you think E is gonna accompany you instead?  Chances are she’ll return to K House with J.  Then, you’ll end up climbing alone AND badly off schedule.  Your fitness level isn’t sufficient to allow you to rush & make up for lost time even if you want to.

Heart:  Suppose we all start from Station 5 then?  That’s where most people begin afterall.

Brain:  Haha.   What are the odds of either of them reaching Station 8 even if starting from Station 5?  Don’t forget, according to what you have read, the trail gets difficult from Station 5 onwards.  Station 1-5 is the ‘easy part’.  And you can be sure neither will either want to head to the summit.  You’ll end up having to hike up ALONE.

Heart:  Miracles do happen.  The weather in Tokyo is gonna be different from that in Singapore… might be easier for them to hike in a cooler climate, and being in Japan might give them the additional energy required.

Brain:  Yeah rite.  Besides, be honest, do you really, honestly, w/o a doubt think you will be satisfied with starting from Station 5?

Heart:  I could live with it.  As long as I get to see the goraiko.

Brain:  Yah.  See it… ALONE.  You already know how boring it is to be hiking all by yourself.  Oh, and I know you well enough.  You will be thinking that you should have started from the shrine or at least Umagaeshi, and you will want to return again in the near future to do just that – wouldn’t that make this trip a waste of time & funds then?

Heart:  Every trip, even to the same destination, is a new experience.  Besides, what is there to say for sure that I will make it up to the summit this time?  It’s still pending weather conditions, and my own physical condition.  I might still have to make that return trip.

Brain:  True.  But think about this – if it’s the weather that prohibits you from summiting, or if it is your own lack of preparedness, you wouldn’t be mad.  If J is the cause of the failure, you will be pissed and probably resentful… and that will pretty much cause fractures in the friendship.  You sure you want that to happen?

Heart:  Well.  Then maybe forgo the Mt Fuji climb?  We could just take the bus up to Station 5, walk casually around the area & take photographs like lesser tourists.

Brain:  ^ read what I mentioned earlier about coming back again and making this a waste trip.

Heart:  Mhmm… what if I skip the Mt Fuji area totally?  Like… not travel up to Fujiyoshida even?  Instead I can spend an extra day in Hakone, use one day for Mt Takao and still have one spare day free & easy.

Brain:  That means having to forgo Fuji-Q Highlands as well.  Which is like the second thing you are looking forward to, first being Mt Fuji of cos.  Oh, and am pretty sure you are keen to visit the Ice & Wind caves and perhaps take a walk in Aokigahara?  I know it already annoys you that the other 2 don’t have the balls to venture into the Suicide Forest.

Heart:  Meh.  Granted that’ll be a bummer, but I’ll visit all those places when I do return for Mt Fuji.

Brain:  Uh huh.  Then all you’ll have left for this trip is Hakone, DisneySEA and Tokyo.  A lot of city crawling.  If you like the city that much, might as well stay put in Singapore?

Heart:  Well, Japan is different.  It IS Japan, afterall (._.)

Brain:  Right.  And you’ll be doing almost everything all over again when you return to Tokyo for Mt Fuji.  Sure, you can go elsewhere next time… perhaps Osaka or Hakodate, but the cost to travel from those places to the Fuji Five Lakes area will be significantly higher (though it means you’ll have the opportunity to experience the shinkansen).  There are other trails, true, but I know you would prefer to do it via the Yoshida one.

Plus have you considered, what are you doing in Japan in summer in the first place?  Why July?  Isn’t it cos official climbing season is Jul-Aug & you wanna avoid the Japanese school hols?  Without Mt Fuji, wouldn’t it be more ideal to say… visit in the Fall for koyo or during Spring for hanami?  Maybe even Winter!  My point is, why waste this trip?  You could easily do whatever you plan to do this time when you are certain to attempt Mt Fuji.

Heart:  I suppose I could check if they wanna go to Tokyo later in the year instead…

Brain:  Sheesh, don’t you get it?  You can cover Tokyo when you do Mt Fuji.  Then should you go to Japan again, you can visit Osaka or Hakodate.  Instead of visiting Tokyo twice.

Heart:  Maybe I can persuade them to visit somewhere else in Fall this year?

Brain:  That would be a plus.  However, don’t forget that with them, you are gonna end up spending more than you want to – more expensive accommodation, more expensive food… and you gonna waste a lot of time shopping, sitting around, lazing around… etc.  What a bore :O

Heart:  Accommodation is still gonna be more expensive if I’m alone…

Brain:  Yes, but definitely cheaper with the right companion who aren’t that fussy.  Think S$20.00 more per night for an ensuite toilet that you’ll use only twice a day.  Lolwut?  5 nights will make it S$100.00 and that is like 3 nights of accommodation if you were to go with someone else.  Plus resentment will probably seep in somehow, if you are made to compromise so much.  Think of the Phuket trip.  Not worth the agony.

Heart:  But these are long time friends.  They aren’t like the b!tch that I went to Phuket with.  Besides I’ve been looking forward to this trip since last year, I’ve done all the planning already, and what am I gonna do with the ¥100,000 that I’ve already changed?

Brain:  Keep the ¥ and keep the plans for a better time.  With more suitable travel companions.

Heart:  But what if I never find suitable companions?

Brain:  Then suck it up and go by yourself.  Or go never.  At least you wouldn’t end up hating on anyone.

Heart:  …

/^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\ /^(o.o)^\

tbh, despite all the nagging doubts, and the seemingly clear path to take, I know myself pretty well – that I will go with what the Heart wants.  I’ve always been that kinda person (trust me, I hate myself for that).  And I’ve always paid the price for the decision later and wish I’d have gone with the Brain instead.  However, no matter how many times I tell myself that I’ll take the logical & practical option the nxt time a HvB situation arise, I never to… but I never stop wishing that for once I’ll make the right choice.  Hopefully it’ll be this time.


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