Decision Made, Mt Fuji is a No

I’ve done it. Have reluctantly decided to make the rational choice & called off the Mt Fuji hike, after much discussion with E who agreed that it would be dangerous for J to attempt the mountain in her current physical condition. E suggested that we still go ahead with the trip, and for me to make the climb alone, but I declined. Would greatly prefer to have a companion that is able (barring any unforeseen circumstances) make it up to at least Station 8. I then counter-proposed that we postpone the trip till early/mid November to view the autumn leaves (koyo 紅葉) instead. Have also conveyed that intention to J, without telling her directly that she’s the reason for striking Mt Fuji off the itinerary that is!

I made the right decision, right?

Am envious of people who have found their ideal travel companion, be it soul mate or BFF (I’m one of those unfortunates who have neither and I’ve always wondered why). I know that there is always the option of travelling alone, and despite reading magazine articles that interview women who do so saying that it’s a liberating experience… blah blah, am not convinced. Maybe I’m just afraid. Maybe I’m just not confident enough. I don’t know. I just don’t think I’ll enjoy solo-travel much.

Anyway the Tokyo trip is a tentative now. I’ve given my proposed dates to the girls but neither is giving any definitive response at the moment. Well… I just hope they would decide soon, so I can start planning my leave. Dad has mentioned going on a vacation to China or somewhere else this year, with mum & maybe bro and is currently eyeing a 10D trip (8 days leave required). I’ve got only 14 days per year, so it’s gonna take a little juggling. But yeah, I’ll commit to whichever trip that is confirmed first. Doesn’t make sense to decline a family trip just to hold on to leave, have those 2 girls backing outta Tokyo, and end up going nowhere.

/sigh. I honestly would love to climb Mt Fuji this year, after all that extensive planning. It is a shame to give it up, and I don’t know if I’ll ever eventually get about to doing it… but I guess, it’s for the best this time?

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