Crazy things people to do to save money

Chanced upon an article on AsiaOne with the above headline and while the content was pretty funny, it is kinda depressing (strong word, I know) that some people have to resort to measures that drastic to adapt to the ever-increasing standards of living in the cities they live in.

To a certain extent, I can relate.  Singapore is one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. [source]

Yes, compared to other cities such as Sydney (been there), Athens (been there) & Tokyo (researched), Singapore does offer cheaper public transport – probably cos we are that much smaller?, and cheaper eating out options – we have (now dwindling) hawker centers, coffee shops & food courts.  However, housing in Singapore decapitates a person.  Due to our scarce land and ever-rising population, the cost of ‘government housing’ is already retardedly high… and I shall not even venture into ‘private property’.  Oh yes, the government does have some “subsidies” for married couples first timers but somehow they fail to recognize the difficulties of the forever alones & the divorcees who have previously bought a “subsidized flat”.

(Note: I put “subsidies” and “subsidized” in quotes cos they aren’t that huge a perk and even after that, the cost is ridiculously high.)

And oh, we do not have minimum wage here.  If I break it down to hourly basis, my salary is lower than that of a part-timer in a Sydney McDonalds’.  And I am working 9-6pm Mon-Fri in an office of a mid-sized company.  True story.

Right.  I’m complaining.  I’m whining.  Cos I see my future as bleak.  I’m in my early 30s and still living with my parents btw – gotta be above 35 to even qualify to purchase a government housing unit as a single.  As I get closer to the magical age, I can’t help worrying more.  There is no way, with my current earning capability, that I am able to afford getting a place of my own when the time comes.  The Mortgage, the bills, the maintenance… etc. will leave me with a pittance to live on each month, and no, I am not really keen to attempt any of those desperate money saving measures mentioned in that AsiaOne article – some of them don’t even apply to begin with.

/sigh I hate politics, so am not gonna discuss it.  Point of this entry is the hilarious money saving measures anyway… but looks like it has somehow evolved into a rant.  Hence back to my initial intention! LOL

Some of the most ridiculous imho are as follows:-

I didn’t buy a toothbrush and used my boyfriend’s for a month to save money  What. The. F**k.  I just can’t fathom why people don’t find that disgusting!  Not to mention, it’s probably uber unhygienic.  I will never use another person’s toothbrush.  Yeah, I rather NOT brush at all.  Besides, seriously, not buy a toothbrush for a month?  That’s like what?  Save $3.00?  Pfftttt…

Go to every event for school clubs or friend hangouts just so I can eat eat eat!  Then take home any leftovers.  This made me roll my eyes cos in Singapore, there are reports of people going to temples & eating “free” vegetarian meals without making a donation… and this reminds me of it.  There is a thin line between being frugal & cheap.   I don’t intend to cross it.

My sister promised me half her paycheck if I posed as her at work.  How is that SAVING money?  That’s EARNING money and u might as well get a real job and take the full paycheck?  Plus, I am sure posing as someone else at work is against the law.

Silly eh?  I wonder if people really do stuff like that.  It’s a mad world.


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