“We are a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.”Coursera, About

Was recently introduced to this website by a friend, and tbh, it sounded too good to be true when he told me that one can study online for FREE.  I’ve always believed that there is no free lunch in the world, and that anything that is ‘free’ comes with a catch.  Hence it took me quite a while to bother to check it out (one of the reasons being there’s a script that the page runs… that isn’t compatible with the browser I use in the office & ends up causing crashes), even after I’ve googled it & the results on Wikipedia didn’t mention anything shifty.

Anyway, despite my initial misgivings, the 1st night I took at look at it, I ended up signing up for like 6 courses though I know for sure I wouldn’t have time to handle them all.  Oh, everything I enrolled for, is nothing related to what I do irl – it’s just about stuff that I’m curious about & have always wanted to know more.  Since that fateful night (ahhh the drama… LOL), checking out the courses became quite the addiction and right now, there are 15 on my list!

The Ancient Greeks” (7 weeks) and “Pay Attention!” (12 weeks) are scheduled to begin next week while “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior” (6 weeks) begins 25 March 2013.  Yeah… there’s gonna be a lot of overlapping and tbh, I’ll probably do some form of ‘filtering’ as the weeks go by, to trim the list down to only those that I am most keen in.  Hopefully I’ll have sufficient motivation & dedication to complete something eventually!  o(^_^)o

Curious to how the courses actually run, a few days ago, I decided to take the plunge and signed-up for a course that started 2 weeks ago on 4 March 2013: “Know Thyself” (10 weeks) by Mitchell Green from the University of Virginia.  Upon enrollment, I was given a notification that the course has already started and the option to ‘go to class’.  Awesome!  The ‘classroom’ was not as overwhelming as I expected.  It fact, it was relatively easy to navigate, with the content clearly divided into sections.  Previous weeks lectures, which are divided into manageable segments of like 10-15m each & study questions are still up there, and there is a generous amount of time for students to attempt the weekly quizzes – perfect if you find yourself exceptionally busy on a certain week.

Know Thyself coursepage

^ that is how my screen looked like.  Had to crop it much cos I am unsure whether revealing the course schedule would actually be an infringement of copyright & violation of the student code of honor.  Pretty sure that simply displaying the menu isn’t gonna hurt (and a picture is worth a thousand words of however I can describe it), but should anyone think otherwise, please let me know & I’ll take it down pronto.

Admittedly, as I was out playing D&D the previous night till late and went for a massage on Tuesday evening, I didn’t do much study.  LOL fine fine.  I did not do any study at all.  Only downloaded the first part of lecture #1 which I will hopefully *keeping fingers crossed* watch tonight before logging on to WoW to attempt the new ToT LFR, and have started a little on the suggested reading for Week 1.  Have also read a couple of discussion threads on the forum… but yeah, that’s about it!  An email received today notified me that Week 2’s quiz is out.  Eek!  I do have tons load to catch up and should I not do so this weekend, I probably never will when the new courses begins next Monday!

Till now I have yet to pay a single cent – well, minus the internet  and electricity bills that I will be paying anyway, hence am pretty confident that though it seemed too good to be true, it is true… and am gonna use it to my benefit.  Learning stuff actually can be fun, and moar knowledge is never a bad thing (don’t gimme that ignorance is bliss bullcrap here LOL)! 😀


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