China in June, looks like a plan

8D Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong/Mt Emei/Leshan Tour 

Well… guess it’s almost decided.  To China it is.  Dad seems really keen on this vacation and I can’t bring myself to be cruel enough to say no.  That will cost 6 days of my annual leave, but guess it isn’t asking the world.  Though I still have my misgivings about going on a package tour, I suppose it is worth spending some quality time with family?  It’s been years since we went on vacation together anyway – one day trip to Legoland Malaysia does not count!  Plan is to go down to the travel agency tomorrow to grill the travel agent further & if everything is acceptable, he will pay the deposit of S$750.00 per pax.

Oh, the total cost is gonna be like S$1,200.00+ excluding the ‘mandatory extra tour’ and tour guide tipping… so S$1,500.00?  Darn… that’s like the price quote I got for a 10D tour during NATAS!  Am hoping that on Sat, with the no. of people we have (+2 relatives & +3 friend & her family), we would be able to negotiable a better price.  Yeah, well, dad is paying everything anyway LOL guess I’ll just have to cover the additional spending money there i.e. shopping, snacking… etc.  Keeping fingers crossed that no additional hidden costs are involved.

jiu_waterfall Image Credit

Anyway I googled a little more about Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟) and I gotta say I’m pretty impressed by the pictures I saw though I know they are probably taken by pro-cameras and probably further enhanced digitally prior uploading.  The place is absolutely beautiful – I honestly believe it is.  I hope the tour will spend some good time there, instead of rushing the group off after like an hour or so (which tours are notorious of doing).

I wonder how is the weather gonna be like though.  Dad was saying he was told by the tour agents that the weather will get pretty cold, till like 8 degrees… but that kinda conflicts with what I’ve casually googled earlier.  June is Summer after all.  How cold can Summer get?  One site I went to (which site exactly, I forgot) mention that the temp will be somewhat about 18-25C degrees.  Of cos that is colder than Singapore, but it isn’t exactly asking for a coat?  The one dad bought is like for a single digit temperature – looks like something for fall instead o_O  While I understand it’s always better to be prepared, but I don’t like the idea of overpacking.  My intention is to bring a simple backpack… the one I’ve always carried, small enough for carry-on luggage.  Ah well… will google more prior to the trip.  Am heading to HCMC in May anyway, might chance up some hiking gear that will double up as coldwear if I get lucky.

It couldn’t possibly get colder than the Blue Mountains in the Fall, can it? o(^_^)o


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