In a Sim-sate of Mind :Þ

The Sims is one game that I’ve never given up, nor have had the desire to.  I first started playing The Sims, way back in the 90s, when I was in Secondary school and using the family PC.  Of cos I eventually moved on to The Sims 2 and am now playing The Sims 3.

sims 3

[The Sims 3 screenshot. Credit: The Sims 3 Official]

Some background: I’ve always been a console gamer who started off with handheld single game consoles i.e. Western Bar, Donkey Kong… etc. then moved on to owning a MicroGenius -> Sega -> PSOne and finally the PS2.  I barely played PC Games when I was young.  Eh wait, I still barely play them now!  LOL But I’ve always been a fan of the Sims series.  Have gotten all expansions involved except Sims 2: Bon Voyage, which I borrowed & installed from a friend… and I don’t have latest one yet – The Sims 3: University.  Yep, even while I was raiding hardcore on WoW, I still managed to find time to squeeze in a little Sims here & there.  I too foresee, that I will be playing Sims for many more decades even after I (eventually) quit WoW.

I can’t explain why it’s so addictive.  Perhaps I just like the idea that I’m kinda playing God… cos you see, in this game, you control everything.  How your Sim leads his/her life, who your Sim marries… if at all, how many children your Sim has, the friends your Sim makes… etc.  Perhaps somehow I am living my ideal Life thru’ my Sims.  Perhaps it just gives me endless enjoyable hours of game play o(^_^)o

Recently, I have also taken things one step further.  Have started a Legacy Challenge and a Who’s Your Daddy Challenge (WYDC) with the Sims 3 + World Adventures (WA) expansion pack.  Oh, since then, I’ve purchased all the other expansion packs, with the original game, via Steam during the last Black Friday sale.  Cost me like S$147++.  Yeah, I had to “re-purchase” the base game & WA cos the ones I have installed are DVD versions and there is no way they are compatible with the Steam ones.  I have yet to install them though, cos my intention was to complete at least the WYDC (game based on stircraxy’s rules) b4 I do so.  When I do the full install, will probably do a fresh WYDC (based on CSquared & Jenn’s rules)-Orphanage Project hybrid.  Gotta admit though, my current game is taking longer than I expect, and I’m losing patience especially since University came out recently!  RAWR!!

D twins

[Daena & Daemia, my WYDC D-Twins]

Of cos… like many others, I’ve taken screenshots & made my games into little stories for my own enjoyment.  However, am too lazy to create blogs for them (I might for my new games with the full expacs) and instead uploaded them onto FB photo albums: The Trivium Legacy | WYDC: Cherubian ß not too sure if the links work, due to my FB settings.  If it does, good.  If it doesn’t… ehh, am too lazy to make them :Þ

Note:  Yes, Simmers are crazy bunch.  There are many… and I mean MANY, Simmer-created challenges and projects all over the various forums.  There is even a tournament going on at Carl’s & Pam’s The Sims 3 Forum, which I will definitely take part should I ever quit WoW & have that time surplus.  Give it a google, if you are interested 😀

Anyway, as I previously mentioned, I indulge in my hobbies in phases.  Had the cross-stitching phase at the beginning of the year with QS Heather (will post update pix soon, hopefully), followed by a CSI: NY watching phase, which lead to the brief WoW phase I’m in right now.  Feel myself starting to enter the Sims 3 phase once again, especially now that I’ve noticed that some of the Achievement Badges are time-limited!  OMG, did a quick check on my Profile earlier noted that I’ve missed 2 already D:

Sims 3 achievement

 [Credit: SimsVIP]

The next closest deadline at this point of time is for the achievement above.  Due 30 October 2013.

My initial intention is to start a new game purely for working on the achievements that I haven’t unlocked during regular challenge play.  However, in view of the above-mentioned deadline, and since I’ve got a max-skilled fisherman (named Max LOL) in the form of my WYDC babysitter… *cough* Father, I might as well get it over and done with when I get home later!  Arghh ok, I’ll get it at least started.  Am due to do an LFR or 2 on WoW when I get back… trying to cap my VP for at least 1 toon this week >_<”

But before all of that, I gotta gather all the willpower I can muster… and head to the gym for a Zombies, 5K training session.  Zombies, Run 2 is gonna be released on 16th April 2013 [source] which means I’ve literally got a lot of ground to cover.  Gotta run, run, run… as much as my foot allows!! 😀

And I hear SimCity beckoning me… argghhhh NOoooOOOOoo

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