Now & then, Life gets a little routine for me… or should I say, things get a little boring. Then I get restless. When I get restless, I get a little energetic (or is it hyperactive). But should nothing come by to ‘fill the void’, it isn’t long before my emotions nose-dive and I start feeling depressed. I have no answer why my emotions tend to peak & dip this way, and for sure I have zilch intention to visit a shrink to place labels over my ‘condition’. More than one person mentioned that I might have mild bipolar disorder… whatever? As long as I can function adequately, though not always rationally, I’m good =)

Besides, I realize that should I keep my schedule perpetually busy and always have something to look forward to, I don’t stay in the ‘down mode’ for very long. Am a tad bored @ work right now, and am find it hard to stay awake… so gonna counting my blessings & see what I have coming up to make myself perk up a little o(^_^)o

Om Nom Nom!!

Yes, I’m a greedy little thing. There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more than stuffing my face at a buffet of the food I like (yeah I actually will choose food over gaming LOL)… and boy, do I LOVE many different types of food! This Friday, it will be the Sensational Seafood Buffet at Ellenborough Market, Swissotel. I know, the rate is a little gay, even with one of my friends being a HSBC cardholder, that price is within the range to be expected for a seafood spread I suppose. Am expecting fresh oysters, fresh salmon & tuna sashimi, crabs, scallops… blah blah… so hopefully, come Friday, I’ll be in excellent eating form and will manage to devour much 😀

Weekend getaway!!

My leave has been approved. If nothing goes wrong, I’ll be heading off for a weekend in May to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Have yet to plan my itinerary, but am most likely gonna just take things easy with nothing adventurous – eat a lot, sleep much, shop some, and perhaps book a tour to the popular ‘tourist spots’ when I’m there.

China, here I come!!

The deed is done. Have placed the deposit for the 8D Tour with Chan Brothers Travel & am looking forward to it despite my misgivings about being on a package tour. Icing on the cake is that a friend (going with her parents) has signed up for it as well so there’ll be at least 1 younger person I know who can keep me company. Awesome! Now to keep my fingers crossed that my block leave will be approved. It should be approved, really. Would be unreasonable for my workplace to deny it since am applying for it so many mths in advance ;o)

Righto! Those are the 3 ‘biggest’ things that am looking forward to at the moment. On top of those, I’ve got a few dining groupons purchased that am eager to utilize (that will come after the Vietnam trip since there is still good time to the expiry date); I’ve signed up to be a volunteer for an “Amazing Race” event held by the local YMCA next Sat; I’ve RSVP-ed on a meetup group for a day trip to St John’s Island & Kusu Island; I’ve got WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 waiting for me @ home + my Sims waiting for me… and I’ve got all those course lectures to watch via Coursera! The cherry on the cake? Next Friday is a public holiday! w00ts!

Haha, while I’m no less sleepy (my eyelids are getting increasingly heavier), am certainly feeling a little  right now. Anticipation can be a pretty good thing after all 😀

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