Sensational Seafood Buffet @ Ellenborough Market, Swissotel

Friday came annndd… it’s gone!  Went for the Sensational Seafood Buffet @ Ellenborough Market, Swissotel (Merchant Court) with 7 others, and ate… and ate… and ate. Wasn’t exactly “on-form” that evening. Not too sure whether I’ve gotten my money’s worth (most likely not). Wished I’d eaten more  First the details.

seafood buffet 05

15 March 2013 – 31 March 2013
Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore
20 Merchant Road, Singapore 058281
Adult: S$58++ | Child: S$29++
HSBC Card, One dines free with every 3 paying buffet adult diners

As mentioned in Anticipation, I was expecting fresh oysters, fresh salmon & tuna sashimi, crabs, scallops… and other seafoody goodies. Let’s just say… it was a huge letdown when I realized that there were NO OYSTERS!! Ugh. Instead, what they had at the ‘cold section’ was snow crabs, flower crabs, mussels, scallops, crayfish & prawns. Second strike – NO tuna sashimi either. Only salmon & one other fish that I didn’t take note of. There’s also some assorted sushi which I didn’t eat… really, why would u wanna fill up with that Japanese rice?

seafood buffet montage

From left:  1. snow crab, mussels, scallops & prawns | 2. salmon sashimi & jellyfish | 3. a bit of everything

The salad area came with stuff like the usual greens, seasoned jellyfish and mango salad. The cooked area included noodles, fried rice, chilli crab with mantou, black pepper crayfish, sea cucumber, steamed fish (not sure what type) and some others that I didn’t pay attention to. Then there’s the ‘outside’ LIVE cooking area, where one can get some grilled stuff (found grilled oyster mushrooms @ the later part of the night), drinks and what I’d say is the best part of the buffet – salted egg crabs… though tbh, I don’t taste much of the egg, just the salt. Very yummy though!

salted egg crabs

Salted egg crabs – tastes better than it looks!

Naturally, there’s also a dessert section with fruit cocktail jelly, some kueh and cakes, some local desserts and their famous Durian Pengat. Gotta say, the durian pengat looked gross – like some durian custard thingy (I am not a dessert person… and I hate creamy stuff, tts why). I wouldn’t have tried it if I didn’t read all those rave reviews about it… and I’m glad that I did! OMG! That stuff is wonderful!! Now that I think about it, I wish I had more… like much much more. Doesn’t matter if I’d ended up sick the very next day LOL

The drink selection was decent too – barley (oooo nice & thick), sour plum (yum!) and bandung. There’s also tea and coffee that can be ordered from the servers at no extra charge.

My thoughts? The food presentation was decent, the refill time of the popular dishes good, the staff clearing the plates were efficient enough… but I was slightly disappointed at the variety of dishes available AND sorely disappointed that there were no fresh oysters… that should really be a staple for all buffets imo T_T

Will I return? Definitely not if there isn’t anyone in my entourage with a HSBC card, and maybe (look, I rather go to a place with fresh oysters LOL) if there is… and if I do, I’ll certainly ensure that I’m hungrier by dropping by the gym or swimming pool before dinner!

S$51.20 was what I paid for the night. Ahhh… why didn’t I eat moar?!

3 responses to “Sensational Seafood Buffet @ Ellenborough Market, Swissotel

  1. OMG i’ve wanted to try this for the longest time but I’ve been having exams. I’ll have to wait till the next time they hold another one. But thanks for letting me live vicariously through this post XD

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