SimCity (2013)

I gave in. I said f**k it, and bought SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition for S$81.90 via EA Origin after raid on Sunday. Installed it Sunday, updated it Monday & created my first city Tuesday, last night. I was in time to be applicable for the free game giveaway and opted for Need for Speed Most Wanted (NFS).

Yeah, it is likely that I won’t be playing NFS anytime soon. Had no intention of purchasing it in the 1st place, and will most probably never own it if it wasn’t free. However, out of all the options available – Battlefield 3, Bejewled 3, Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Plants vs Zombies (PvZ) SimCity 4 Deluxe – that was the one that I most likely will eventually play. Oh… right, I’ve already played PvZ, and loved it, so that doesn’t count! Was hoping to have The Sims 3: University as one of the options (wishful thinking, I know) or at least Alice: Madness Returns (dream on)… maybe Mirror’s Edge or Dragon Age: Origin… but whatever? A free game is a free game is a free game 😛

I think it’s a decent move by EA to make up for the “fail” that took place at SimCity launch. For those who are crying about how a disaster it was, or how they will never buy another EA Game again, just STFU already. Sh!t happens so suck it up, take the peace offering and zip it… OR, /quit the game, decide /boycott EA, and STFU. Yeah easy for me to say since I was really affected by the issues at launch, considering I bought the game so late, but I did experience epic server queues, server crashes & ad-hoc server maintenances back in those days when the WoW was popular so yes, I can imagine how frustrating it is… and even so, I don’t think it’s worth the amount of QQ all over the place.

Disclaimer: No I am NOT paid by EA to say the above, and neither am I an EA fangirl. I’m just someone tired of having to sift thru’ shitload of trashtalk on the SimCity FB Page when I’m browsing for interesting content.. and I thought this nonsense only exists within the immature Ragnarok Onilne 2 community. /rolleyes

I don’t have any personal screenshots of the game atm. The hours last night were spent going thru’ tutorial, then being invited into a region “PBJ Valley” by my brother, founding a town “Peanutbend” and trying to figure out how things work via trial & error (am the kind who would prefer to do the practical before reading up on the theory). My thoughts? It’s harder than I thought it would be, and everything can get a little overwhelming @ the start. However, the game does offer mini-tutorials as you play, introducing you to certain functions that you might not have explored by yourself prior to that.

Compared to my bro’s and my friend’s cities in the same region (multi-player), Peanutbend’s progress was painfully slow and at the start, I ran into bankruptcy LOL Got a gift of §5,000 from my friend later on and things picked up when I started to gradually understand what the hell was going on >_<” Am not an expert in the game yet, that will take many more gameplay hours, but I think I’ve gotten a light grasp on the basics of building & sustaining the city.

What I am most interested about atm are the Challenges. There is one scheduled to take place in 2 weeks, to have a region hit a population of 2.5 million. The top 10% players with the quickest timing will receive an achievement badge! Being an achievement whore, I hereby proclaim… I WANT THAT!!! It isn’t gonna be easy for sure. Plus the rules of the challenge aren’t out yet. If there isn’t a soft cap on the no. of players per region, I think any region with 16 players (max) would definitely have an edge over a region with 3. Gonna give it a shot anyway… might get lucky, will never know! But yeah, prior to that, I believe we will have to formulate some kinda strategy so we should be doing some sandboxing trials to prepare for the challenge 😀

Perhaps I’m being too “serious” over a game. Gaming is supposed to be fun, right? But rest assured that I am having fun. I like taking on challenges, working towards achievements, finding the most effective way to play… etc.

Sadly… if only I’m this motivated IRL, I would probably be someone successful right now /wrist.

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