Juicing o_O

Ever since I’ve chanced upon the concept of embarking on a Juice Fast on MyFitnessPal (MFP) Forums sometime last year, I’ve been looking to get a juicer. Well I haven’t gotten one yet cos I’ve been worried about making the wrong decision and getting a ‘lousy’ one but I’ve promised myself that am gonna get one soon. Am looking for something basic (doesn’t have to be branded), easy to operate & clean, that costs below S$100.00. Not gonna invest more until I am certain I’ll be using it on a regular basis. LOL ~ yes, my intention is to use it often, but I know I’m the 3-min enthusiastic type of person, so… o(^_^)o

So what is a Juice Fast? – it involves having nothing but juice (veggies and/or fruit) for a duration decided by the person doing it. As far as I notice, it can be anything from 24hrs till a month. And I believe the main inspiration for folks doing it is the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.

Fat Sick Nearly Dead Poster

[credit: movie poster from IMDB]

Fellow MFP’ers who have successfully done a Juice Fast swear by it. Weight loss, detox, cleansing… etc. are various reasons they have given for doing so. And on the other side of the fence, there are MFP’ers who are so adamant against the idea, claiming that doing so deprives a body of the necessary nutrients, and that peeps will enter ‘starvation mode’… yadda yadda. While I can see their concerns, I think it’s totally exaggerating to make those claims (look, people have done this & they are still alive with no apparent negative effects on their health). Just live & let live, jeez. Why go all out with guns blazing against someone just cos they don’t share your views?

To sidetrack a little, imho, that is what’s wrong with the MFP community. While there are nice folks who are supportive, there is a huge bunch of them that are totally confrontational, nasty and downright rude (nope, I haven’t been the brunt of those ‘attacks’ fyi). Makes me wonder whether it is their low-cal diet or whatever crap they are doing that’s causing them to be so grouchy & full of angst… lol jks!

Anyway don’t get me wrong. I have zilch intention to do a Juice Fast, or a fast of any kind for the record.

So why the jucier? Uhmm… cos I wanna make juice? LOL

I don’t eat fruit much, and yeah, I am aware tt I’m probably missing out on a lot of ‘good stuff’ hence with juicing, am hoping that I can incorporate more fruit into my diet (am using this term loosely here… am not “dieting” either) – drinking it is much easier than eating it for sure! Starting or ending the day (or both) does sound like a splendid idea! Besides, I think I can just make the dry pulp into snack cubes to curb the occasional munchies. Might end up spending more effort that simply cutting up a fruit and eating it but meh… /shrug.

Also via the MFP Forum, have gotten to know about these 2 websites that offers hundreds of juicing recipes! Enjoy!

MyPhytos – http://myphytos.com/
Reboot With Joe – http://www.rebootwithjoe.com

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