Zombies, Run! 5K Training (Z5K)

April 16 is less than a week away 😀

It’s a day where many who call themselves “Runner 5” worldwide is looking forward to – cos on that day, a new season will begin for those in Abel Township.  Zombies, Run 2 will be out on iOS & Android! [source]  It’s gonna be a free upgrade for current Zombies, Run players and will require iOS6.  The Season will kick off with a handful of new missions, with new stuff being released every week “starting from late April/early May”.  Sounds awesome!

Sidetrack: Eek!  I’m still on iOS5 cos I don’t have the 2GB free space on my phone required to update!  Meh… guess I’ll have to spend some hours this weekend to fiddle around with iTunes on my PC, delete some apps, update to iSO6 then reinstall the apps again.  Not looking forward to it cos imo, iTunes is a piece of ****.  Gotta see if I can retrieve my ZR account & upload some of my Z5K sessions too!

Oh ok, I’ll have to admit that I’m not a full-fledged Runner 5 yet T_T

I purchased Zombies, Run! (ZR) sometime last year after much contemplating (it’s the most expensive app I’ve bought so far!), and struggled through the starting missions quite a bit due to foot pain… think my current progress is Mission 7 or 8?  I’ve since gotten a new pair of running shoes that’s supposed to be for people with flat feet – which didn’t help the least bit & made it painful even sooner into the run AND seen a podiatrist who diagnosed it as extremely tight calf muscles & suggested that I wear some insoles.  The bottom line?  The problem still exists and I wonder if it’ll ever go away /sigh.  Anyway, it made running quite the pain (both literally & figuratively), though I’m pretty willing to suck it up and see it thru’ cos the storyline is so darn engaging!

Then came the trainer app… Zombies, Run! 5K Training


Z5K is a variation of the C25K program that is designed to assist non-runners / beginner runners in building up the stamina and speed to enjoy Zombies, Run! even m0ar.  When I saw it, I knew I just have to get it.  I’ve been wogging (walking-jogging) thru’ the ZR missions and have always wanted to do it better.  Plus I’ve always wanted to do a proper 5k run and maybe a 10k too someday o(^_^)o

Sidetrack: I actually did sign up for Shape Run 2012 but I chickened out in the end 😦  Am still contemplating whether I should do Shape Run 2013 even if it means half walking it.  Got till May 10 to decide to make it within the early-bird rates!

Well, anyway, am hoping that over time, with more ‘training’, my calf muscles (if it’s the real reason) will loosen up & that my foot pain will eventually go away or takes longer to occur.  Right now, it generally begins to hurt at the 25min mark (give and take a few min).  It goes away completely when I stop and it doesn’t seem to have any lasting effects hence I know for sure it isn’t the plantar fasciitis that everyone online has been telling me about.  Hence yep, this app sounded like THE CURE!  lol ~

To summarize, my intention is: complete Z5K and hopefully develop better stamina & a more resilient foot, then restart ZR completely & do it running!

Gotta mention too that I did attempt doing the C25K before (after my first ZR Mission), but I never gotten past Week 2 cos the motivation was just not there.  The drills were boring, too slow for my fitness level (yes, I know I can actually skip the weeks but I didn’t feel right doing so) and well… I didn’t feel interested enough to continue.  I understand that any people have successfully completed the C25K & swear by it, and I honestly think it’s a great program, but meh, it just isn’t my thing.

So what in the world is Z5K and how does it work?


The Z5K storyline takes place right after Mission 1 of ZR, with the arrival of the newbie (aka the player) at Abel Township (Z5K includes this mission @ the start of the app for peeps who never played ZR).  After the player is selected to become the new Runner 5 for the base, the player is then put thru’ a training regimen to prepare himself / herself to become an asset for the base.  Z5K is the training regimen.

Similarly to C25K (it’s an adaptation afterall, duh) Z5K begins slow, with most walking with a few seconds of jogging… then at the end, a free-form run where players can choose to run / walk at whatever pace suits them.


Honestly though, for someone with not-too-bad fitness, the first few weeks will seem too easy and it might be an annoyance that the game doesn’t allow players to skip workouts or fast forward certain parts – not that anyone should… cos if you skip, you miss parts of the storyline!

Personal example here… I completed Week 4 Workout 1 on Monday, and I felt that the start of the workout was quite a drag.  1 min of slow walk, 1 min of fast walk… ugh I didn’t wanna walk that much!  Not to mention, as I’m doing it on a treadmill, I’m skipping the knee-lifts & am already walking during that time – that added up to A LOT of walking!  Zzz.  The 15min free form run @ the end was the only challenge of the workout.  But as by then my foot had already started to hurt, I didn’t utilize it very effectively.  Wish I could have skipped the walk-walk faster parts & went on straight to the walk-run parts of the drill.

Week 4 Workout 2, which I’m planning to attempt later this evening, is gonna be the same.  I intend to modify the workout a little though.  Instead of walk-walk faster, am gonna just ignore it and do walk-jog or walk-run.  Yep, players should feel free to mod their workouts anytime they find that it’s too easy.  That’s the flexibility of it.  Nothing set in stone!

Heh, to risk sounding like a fangirl here, I would definitely recommend Z5K to anyone who wishes to embark on a run training program and who does not hate zombies.  Throughout the workout, there will be snippets of speech by the Abel Township NPCs (lol yes am calling them NPCs) that will further introduce you to the world you find yourself in during those training moments.  The storyline is highly engaging and those moments provide welcome distraction to the actual exercise.  For those who have better imagination, I daresay, you will start to visualize your surroundings based on the descriptions given.  Well… I did!  And I loved it! ❤

Last but not least… I think I’m starting to fall in love with Sam Yao…

PS. If anyone is wondering why I’m only at Week 4 considering my 1st workout was completed 28 Jan, there’s only one word that speaks volumes… lazy.


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