Boston Marathon Explosions

I don’t read the papers.  I occasionally read the news on Yahoo or AsiaOne.  Most oftenly, I come to know of incidents via what my friends post / link / share on Facebook.  I don’t deny that I’m the kinda person who doesn’t really give a f**k about events that don’t affect me or the people I know.  Perhaps I don’t care much, or perhaps there are just so many things, and hence I just don’t wish to care… but this isn’t the point here.

Today is different.  I read a few FB status updates regarding the Boston Marathon explosions.  I have no idea why this incident resonates, I just know it does.  Perhaps it’s cos I’m aspiring to be a marathon runner , or perhaps I “softened” over the years as I see how increasingly a horrible place the world is becoming.  Whatever the reason… I’d like to say that I’m truly sorry to hear about it.

To those involved, to the family & friends of those involved + to those who are affected in any other way, know that the thoughts of others around the world are with you today.  Stay strong.

PS.  Apologies if this sounds incoherent or shallow.  Am never good with this kinda stuff D:

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