Hankang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Tucked away in the back alley leading from the G4 Station Hostel, right across the street from Rex Cinemas @ Little India, I would never have chanced upon this place if it wasn’t for Deal.com.sg.  Reviews of this places were scarce, even on HungryGoWhere, but considering that most were favorable, I decided to take the risk and egged my friend to purchase the voucher – Korean BBQ Buffet + “premium seafood” was S$18.80 / pax.  Min 2 to dine.  I mean, how bad can buffets be, right?

The place didn’t disappoint o(^_^)o

Décor-wise, it was nothing fancy.  Non-pretentious, and that’s how I like it.  A basically furnished place with wall & ceiling fans and an ‘outdoor’ area (too bad tables there were already taken when I arrived after a gym session or I’d have opted to sit in that section since BBQs tend to get a little warm & greasy).  Oh yeah, it was non-air conditioned… not that I minded badly.

seating area

The meat & seafood were served to order (in pretty small portions I must say) while the ‘vegetables’ and other simple stuff like hotdogs, crabsticks were at the self-service area.  Cooked Korean side dishes were available at the self-service area too, includes stuff like kimchi, kimchi soup, seaweed soup & toppoki.  Honestly, those took a while to get topped up, but meh, I wasn’t there to eat the side dishes!  Oh ~ Korean dishes that included in the buffet price too – gotta order them though.  Didn’t pay too much attention to that tbh, but I noticed ramyun & omelette on the menu.

Unfortunately, due to the less than ideal lightning (plus all that grease around), I didn’t take many pix of the food.

meat and soup

The meat ‘platter’ was an assortment of chicken, pork & beef marinated with different flavours.  Had no favorites among that… everything was yummy!  The “premium seafood” comprised of small prawns, shelled mussels, squid, shishamo (that was a nightmare to BBQ cos it kept sticking to the aluminium foil) & a piece of mackerel.  Yum!  Cooked-food wise, I loved the seaweed soup!  Had 2 bowls of that to finish my meal ❤

What I’m most pleased about is the service.  The place was run by a Korean couple (looks to be in their 50s) and there was a young Korean girl, their daughter maybe (?) helping them.  They were all extremely polite and seemed genuinely concerned that you have a good time there.  Gotta say that the women did most of the work though!  The lady boss was in the kitchen most of the time, preparing food, while the girl was rushing around doing the serving, clearing of plates & setting up for the next customer.  Well… the man had an injured leg, so I suppose it’s understandable that he was sitting around most of the time, though I can’t help wondering if that was the case even on normal days – the Korean society is a patriarchal one after all!

Verdict:  I had a great meal, and a great time.

Would I return again?  Possibly… if I’m in the mood for Korean BBQ, that is.  tbh, I like having steamboat alot, and hence would favor a place with BOTH BBQ & steamboat available.  However if you are one who doesn’t care much about steamboat, and are not too fussed about dining in a non-air conditioned place, this is defintely a good place to check out \(^_^)/

Hankang Korean BBQ Restaurant

11 MacKenzie Road

Nearest MRT Station: Little India

Mon-Fri 6pm-10pm ; Sat & Sun 12pm-2pm



2 responses to “Hankang Korean BBQ Restaurant

  1. I see that you went there recently. What puzzled me was that you saw a young korean girl serving you guys.
    Many of the people who went there agreed that there was this uncle (looks local) that serve us with possibly the worst attitude anyone could give to a customer.
    I went there somewhere during mid-April as well. Hope that uncle is gone for good.

    • lol don’t count on the uncle being gone! The guy owner, on that day, apologised that service might be a little slow cos his staff is not around. So am guessing the Korean girl is a relative who is just helping out.

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