Zombies, Run! 2 (ZR2)

It’s OUT!! /cheer /yell /jumps around wildly (ok fine, I didn’t do any of those IRL – it’s just not me, but do know that I’m doing all those inwardly LOL)

But before I lose myself ranting about it and drown in a sea of text, I gotta make some things clear.

Disclaimer:  At this point of time, I have NOT played a single mission of Season 2.  Heck, I haven’t even completed Season 1.  Whatever I mention below is based on the impression I get as I explore the app for about 20min.  Hence there may be inaccuracies in certain statements.  Do feel free to correct me (but lay off the abuse -.-), should you have played it and know better =)

Now that being said… here goes!!

Title screen

Downloaded the update last night and ran the app to check out the changes and to my horror, my base was gone (ok ok it can still be viewed via ZombieLink, but it’s no longer in the app)!!  Darn.  Not that I’ve upgraded it much due to the few missions that I’ve played, but I can imagine how players who have completed the game have felt!  It’s a shame, but it had to be done.  I wouldn’t go into details, but suffice to say, I hated that some morons on FB did (seriously… not everyone has played the game as far as you did!).  Rotten spoilers /rage

Base 01

The new base is interesting though.  Players start off with the armory and Janine’s Farmhouse being the only buildings on the base that has limited space as shown by the grid.  The screen now also shows the no. of current residents vs the max the base can accommodate, the strength of defenses and the happiness level of the people.  Players will be able to expand their base & add new buildings as they gather materials & supplies via running the missions.

Mhmm… there are a couple of questions that come to mind @ this point of time.

Firstly, am curious how “complex” is ZR2 gonna be.  Are the stats merely superficial or have they incorporated basic simulation into this i.e. if the happiness level drops too low, residents leave… etc.   tbh I still view ZR2 as more of a gamified exercise app than an actual game though I tend to describe it as a ‘game’ when talking about it.  I’ll be thrilled if they have introduced simulation elements into it, but won’t be disappointed if they haven’t!

Next, considering that the addition of new buildings increases the population threshold and there’s an option to expand the base, what is the maximum?  Pretty sure it isn’t infinite, but how big can Abel Township get?  Will players be able to add multiple buildings of the same type if they want to?  i.e. having 3 farms, 4 housing buildings… maybe?

Building interface

There are more things you can do with the buildings this time.  Players are given the options to Upgrade, to build Addons and even to Demolish a building.  The first 2 options increase the stats of your base while demolishing a building refunds you 75% of the resources used to build it.

In the original ZR, it was just the ‘brainless’ (no pun intended) allocation of supplies to increase the level of the buildings.  Despite having the supplies fall into different categories, the buildings are upgraded based on the no. of supplies allocated, not the type of supplies allocated – didn’t like that from a gaming perspective, but for a running app, it’s acceptable.  Anyway, that continues with ZR2 as I noticed that the 2 main resources are merely listed as: Supplies & Materials.  More information can be found in-app under More > Help & Info > Base Builder.  ZR2 also introduces the Amenities – “small buildings that can be placed around your base to improve your stats” [quoted].

While Supplies are probably unlimited, depending on how much time a player spends running… I have the inkling that Materials are not.  According to Base Builder, they are “collected in proportion to the amount of progress you make through the story” and that “there will be a set number to collect in each mission”.  Furthermore, the no. of mats “decrease by one each time you replay the same mission”.  Mhmm… I guess that’s cos the Developers don’t want players to merely repeat the same (free) missions to build the base – they want you to purchase a Season Pass to gain access to further missions to expand Abel.


Ah yes, the Season Pass.  While ZR2 is a free update for those who own the original Zombies, Run! (US$3.99 for new players) it only comes with 4 new missions + 3 supply runs.  Starting from April 29, new missions will be released weekly and you will require the Season Pass to gain access to them!  Right now, the passes are going at 50% off.  A Season Pass that covers all S2 missions is US$1.99, the Season Pass Plus which comprises of all S2 Missions + all S2 sidequests is US$4.99 while the Sidequest Pass is US$2.99

.  Why will anyone purchase merely the Sidequest Pass is beyond my comprehension… but meh, I gave in and got the Season Pass Plus.

Before ppl question why did I purchase something this “expensive”… Look, it costs less than a KFC Double Down Burger meal ok!  With this, I am guaranteed of hours and hours of entertainment.  Really good ROI here!  Oh… and if you are wondering why the prices look different on my above screenshot, that’s probably cos I’m on the SG Apple Store, hence they are listed in my local currency.


Mhmm… gotta say though, I didn’t like how the Missions are done in ZR2.  Previously in ZR, only the current & completed missions were shown to the players.  Everything else was greyed out to be unlocked by completing the previous mission.  Right now, it seems that I can play in any order!  Well… I tapped on S2M2 and yeah it started.  Plus there is this annoying “description line” below each mission title that gives away the plot!  OMG.  How can one possibly NOT look as they scroll now?  I honestly do not appreciate knowing what happened to Abel Township in say… Mission 16 (this is just a random no.) when I’m only at Mission 7!  Even without conducting a survey, I daresay I am not the only one who thinks this way.  Oversight on the Developers part perhaps?


Another thing I’d like to mention is ZR2 allows the creation of multiple profiles.  Pretty cool addition here!  The price of the app is rather steep compared to most US$0.99 games, so I think it’s wonderful that in the instance should my kid wanna play ZR2, I could just lend him my phone instead of paying for the app again on his phone.  Just an example here, mind you, I am single (as expected for someone as cranky, cynical & full of angst as I am) with no kids.

Phew.  I did manage to churn out a wall of text huh?

idk about anyone else, but I am freaking excited about this!  I can’t wait to finish Z5K, literally scoot through Season 1 (will restart from Mission 2) and embark on Season 2 to start building my base!  Am unsure whether materials can be collected via S1 runs, but guess I’ll find out.  The Zombies are Coming!!!  o(^_^)o


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