Orchard Café @ Orchard Hotel

S$45.00 per person.  That’s the damage done this time.  Could have been worse tbh, considering what I paid was via a Deals.sg voucher that supposedly has a S$75.00 value.  No idea what the normal cost would be, and I can’t seem to find anything official online (lol ~ not that I’m really looking very hard), but I’d estimate it to be somewhat around S$75 after all the ++, typical for an international buffet @ a hotel.


The spread is typical too.  Stuff that one would expect in a buffet as such.  Snow crabs, prawns, mussels, oysters, sashimi, cooked Asian fare (ahhh the braised sea cucumber was absolutely lovely <3), salad… etc.  ooOOoo… The oysters are shucked on the spot & the sashimi was sliced upon order – a definite plus for me.  The other food is replenished pretty fast too, though honestly, considering it was a weekday, there wasn’t much of a crowd.  The tables were filled, but things weren’t crazy… if you know what I mean =)


Oysters, sashimi, mussels & snow crabs aside, stuff that I went back for multiple helpings are: braised sea cucumber (omg yum!), braised chicken feet and drunken prawns (prawns were pre-cooked so I had no issues eating them… wouldn’t eat the ‘live’ ones for sure).  I skipped dessert totally, except for a small saucer of gummies, as nothing really appealed – there are various cakes, a choc fondue + some ice cream.  Soup-wise (cos I love soups), the miso soup was great, had 2 bowls of that, but the clam chowder was disappointingly diluted and tastes too much of milk for my liking.  Didn’t take anything from the fried food section, since it was just crackers & spring rolls – was hoping to see shishamo but meh… disappointing that there were no cooked crabs too.

In a nutshell:  Food presentation was good, refill time was good, plates were cleared quickly enough, variety of dishes a tad disappointing.

Will I return?  Most likely not if I’ve gotta pay the full price for it.  With credit card or other deal promos, yeah maybe… Between this & the Sensational Seafood Buffet @ Elleborough Market, Swissotel, idk.  I do like oysters a lot and the other place w/o oysters is a fail for me… but their crabs are omg so good @_@  gotta find one with the best of both worlds!

/sigh as usual, I wish I’d eaten more for the 2.5hrs I spent there… I never seem to be “on-form” when at buffets.

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